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Thoughts on Hybrid: If Not Now, When?

Eric Stoller
September 23, 2022

Thoughts on Hybrid: If Not Now, When?

Keynote presentation given at the EFMD EOCCS Learning Community Symposium in Oslo, Norway.

Eric Stoller

September 23, 2022

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  1. Thoughts on Hybrid If not now, when? @EricStoller #EFMDEOCCS

  2. #EFMDEOCCS Hallo 🇳🇱 🇬🇧 🇺🇸 👋 @EricStoller

  3. @EricStoller #EFMDEOCCS What is hybrid?

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  10. How did the pandemic change your mind about hybrid? @EricStoller

  11. @EricStoller #EFMDEOCCS That is the view of the UK’s fi

    rst professor of hybrid learning, digital innovation expert Simon Thomson, who has been appointed by the University of Manchester to help oversee the institution’s development of a new fl exible learning strategy and carry out further practice-based research in this area. He argued that the creation of the post showed that hybrid and blended learning should be seen as a legitimate area of academic study as well as a strategy for education and hoped to use it to work with sta ff and students across the institution to develop experiences that are designed to work across in-person and online teaching. The new hybrid o ff ering may well end up being very di ff erent from the version most students experienced during the pandemic years, because this was reactive to the unique circumstances, not designed, which has caused many of the issues and concerns that have arisen since, according to Professor Thomson.
  12. My fi rst cold call happened during a Leadership and

    Organizational Behavior (LEAD) class my fi rst year. We were discussing the case “Erik Petersen (A),” which is about the problems a recent MBA graduate faces in his job as a general manager of a mobile cellular company owned by a parent corporation. I had spoken up and participated in previous classes, so I did not anticipate being cold-called. But as always, it comes when you least expect it. We were still attending classes remotely, and as I opened the Zoom link on my screen and was joining the class, I was asked to start o ff the discussion. Being cold called on Zoom was a bit unconventional, but it was also a great experience. In a virtual classroom setting, you are in the comfort of your own home but you still have 72 classmates and a professor staring at you through a screen. Since my fi rst cold call, I have seen a massive di ff erence in how I respond. This will be useful later in life when I’m unexpectedly asked for my opinion and can deliver a clear and concise message. Being caught o ff guard shouldn’t mean that you can’t summarize what you want to say e ff ectively and immediately. @EricStoller #EFMDEOCCS
  13. Are you already hybrid? @EricStoller #EFMDEOCCS

  14. An o ff i ce within the Division of Digital

    Learning, the center “is all about removing obstacles from the path of our faculty who teach online and blended courses.”
 The team of 100 full- and part-time sta ff members includes instructional designers, professional video producers, technical support sta ff and graphic designers. The UCF center is just one example of how universities are building up o ffi ces of digital learning to equip faculty with the tools and technologies they need to deliver course materials e ff ectively in an increasingly hybrid learning environment. @EricStoller #EFMDEOCCS
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  16. Each reimagined classroom was out fi tted with three 85-inch

    displays on the back wall, a new cubby for two 4K cameras, 45 new components in the technology closet, a simultaneous overhaul of the HVAC systems for improved fi ltration and air fl ow, and modi fi cations for safety and social distancing. - HBS
  17. @EricStoller #EFMDEOCCS Business education at Ivy League institutions has largely

    been de fi ned by in-person courses and strong networking, two elements that don’t necessarily translate to an online experience. 
 However, the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania is breaking rank, becoming the fi rst Ivy League school to launch a hybrid (25% in-person and 75% online) executive MBA program.
  18. What are your biggest obstacles to hybrid delivery? @EricStoller #EFMDEOCCS

  19. What are the positive outcomes of hybrid delivery? @EricStoller #EFMDEOCCS

  20. Work is… • remote • asynchronous • variable @EricStoller #EFMDEOCCS

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