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Why Educators Can’t Live Without Social Media

4258b2b4afcd8ba13ff012d11eff8190?s=47 Eric Stoller
January 07, 2016

Why Educators Can’t Live Without Social Media

How a university uses social media says a lot about its culture, innovativeness, and commitment to learning. Examples and successful practices of how social media are vital as channels for improving the student experience, employability, and digital identity.

Keynote given at the 16th Durham Blackboard Users’ Conference at Durham University. http://community.dur.ac.uk/lt.team/conference/


Eric Stoller

January 07, 2016


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  8. In our current education system, it’s not *rational* for an

    employee to seek more engagement with students — because none of our pay, promotion and appraisal systems reward it.
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  14. Facebook and my Mother #DURbbu

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  16. “it blurs social & professional” – a Twitter user who

    happens to be an academic #DURbbu
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  28. First meeting in September 1995 Connected on LinkedIn in March

    2010 Sharing LinkedIn endorsements in 2015
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  31. The student experience is holistic #DURbbu

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  33. What happens when you Google your name?

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  35. Email (will always) matter #DURbbu

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  38. “Snapchat deletes messages from its servers once all recipients have

    seen them, messages that are unread are kept for 30 days.”
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