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Engineering for Engineers

Engineering for Engineers

Do you want happy developers? Do you want to ship features faster? Do you want to figure out what cross-cutting concerns are going to impact your roadmap? Consider putting together a Developer Tools team.


Eric Sigler

October 12, 2015


  1. Engineering for engineers. Eric Sigler, Engineering Manager - Developer Tools,

    PagerDuty @esigler
  2. @esigler I was honestly surprised this was only half a

    million results.
  3. @esigler Manu Cornet / manucornet.net

  4. This can bite you. @esigler

  5. “We’ll put that on the backlog.” @esigler

  6. @esigler My parents told me there are three things I

    shouldn’t do in public. Math is one of them.
  7. Developer Tools Engineering Effectiveness Developer Productivity Engineering Infrastructure Developer Efficiency

    Developer Happiness @esigler
  8. Have engineers tell the story of where they want to

    be, figure out the pitfalls along the way, then help them get there. @esigler
  9. @esigler Solve a problem, make it easy, repeat.

  10. @esigler

  11. @esigler Build empathy early, you’ll need it.

  12. Don't be the fire department. @esigler

  13. Don't be the arsonists. @esigler

  14. Don't sell out your customers. @esigler

  15. Story time! @esigler

  16. “We’re shipping in 4 weeks.” @esigler

  17. @esigler

  18. “It’s like living in the future.” @esigler

  19. Invest in developer productivity by dedicating engineers to it. No

    seriously go read: gigamonkeys.com/flowers @esigler
  20. Thank you! @esigler / eric@pagerduty.com