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Panel Discussion on Software Quality Assurance

November 09, 2019

Panel Discussion on Software Quality Assurance

International Conference on Software Testing, Machine Learning and Complex Process Analysis (TMPA-2019)
7-9 November 2019, Tbilisi

Video: https://youtu.be/I9P7l05ngdI

TMPA Conference website https://tmpaconf.org/
TMPA Conference on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/tmpaconf/


November 09, 2019

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  1. Georgian Software Testing Qualifications Board
    Super-motivated QA specialists are eager to improve software testing in Georgia
    Email: [email protected]
    Phone: +995 551 15 77 91
    Tinatin Tsirekidze
    TMA. 09.11.2019
    Contact Us:

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  2. Content
    ● Why we decided to create GeoSTQB
    ● What it is
    ● What is mission
    ● What is future plan
    ● Why will be successful

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  3. Board Members
    Tinatin Tsirekidze
    Head of QA at Liberty Bank
    Lela Gabelaia
    Lecure/Head of QA at
    Marine Mamulia
    Head of QA at JSC TBC Bank
    Ana Amiranashvili
    QA Specialist at Crystal
    Davit Lobjanidze
    Head QA at Adjarabet
    Natia Sirbiladze
    CEO at Exactpro Systems
    Nino Aslatashvili
    QA Manager at SPACE
    Tamar Baratashvili
    Software tester at Ozorix/IntraNote
    Papuna Gagnidze
    QA Automation Engineer at TulaCo

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  4. What is ISTQB
    ● Ensuring software testing certification
    ● Founded in Edinburgh in November 2002
    ● ISTQB is a non-profit association legally registered in
    ● ISTQB consists of 58 member boards worldwide
    ● It has 17 types of certificates in software testing
    ● Sharing knowledge, ideas, and innovations in
    software testing.
    ● Providing a reference point against which the
    effectiveness of testing services can be evaluated

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  5. ● Increasing awareness of ISTQB among sotreare testers within different companies.
    ● Promoting professionalism of Software Testing.
    ● To assure large company managers of how effective it is to have ISTQB-certified staff.
    ● To administer certification of IT professionals in Georgia according to ISTQB standards.
    ● To administer accreditation of training providers to supply courses which meet the ISTQB syllabi.
    ● To support talented and promising testers.
    GeoSTQB Mission

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  6. Board Steps
    • Administer exam english and russian language. We will organize following examinations:
    ❑ Foundation Level
    ❑ Agile Tester
    ❑ Automotive Software Tester
    ❑ Advanced Level Test Manager
    ❑ Advanced Level Test Analyst
    ❑ Advanced Level Technical Test Analyst
    ❑ Model-Based Tester
    ❑ Usability Testing
    ❑ Advanced Level Specialist Test Automation Engineer
    • Advanced Level Specialist Security Tester
    • We are planning to communicate with IT companies in order to promote awareness of ISTQB.
    • We are going to cooperate with universities to include the accredited ISTQB course into their study programs.
    • Coolaborating with training centers.
    • Promoting ISTQB in many different ways by using our broad connections.

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  7. Why will GEOSTQB succeed?
    • We have at least eight universities which has a faculty of computer sciences, but only two of them
    conduct lectures regarding software testing, thus we will work closely with other six universities.
    • We are seven professionals from different organizations and we’ll use our broad connections to
    cooperate with various companies, training centers and IT communities.
    • Time after time foreign companies are opening their branches in Georgia, accordingly IT
    specialists are eager to improve their knowledge and reach the international level and surely will
    support them with our connections with different training centers to provide courses regarding
    software testing.
    • Each member of our board knows the value of the quality and it's more than important for us to
    have highly qualified, motivated and certified testers in our country, therefore we will do our best
    to increase demand for certified testers.

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  8. Thank you!
    Contact Us:
    Email: [email protected]
    Phone: +995 551 15 77 91

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