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The State of QA in Georgia

The State of QA in Georgia

Tatia Getia, Head of Communication and Relations, GeoSTQB

Tatia traced the steps that the Georgian Software Testing Qualifications Board has taken locally and on the global industry arena and reviewed the outcomes of the organisation’s work up until now. Tatia also highlighted how the understanding of quality assurance and the demand for qualified software testers has changed in Georgia over the past few years.


QA Meetup. 18 June 2022


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June 20, 2022

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  1. The State of QA in Georgia Tatia Getia Head of

    Communications at GeoSTQB
  2. Content 2 ▸ What are GeoSTQB and ISTQB? ▸ GeoSTQB’s

    Main Achievements & Mission ▸ QA Market Before & After ▸ Future Plans
  3. Hello! Tatia Getia ▸ Head of Communication at GeoSTQB ▸

    Project Communications Officer at CARE Caucasus ▸ Co-founder “Women for Changes” 3
  4. What’s GeoSTQB? 1

  5. GeoSTQB History at a glance ▸ Since 18, October, 2019

    GeoSTQB became Official Representative of ISTQB ▸ Since 16th January, 2020 there was officially launched ability to take exam via Exactpro Tbilisi Office in Georgia. Since COVID-19 appeared, supporting remote examination. ▸ Initiating training existence around Software Testing with GITA for the project “Education 3000 specialist in IT” ▸ Provided a varaiety of workshops, webinars, meetups around Software Testing topics. Started the celebration of Software Tester’s day and have been keeping the tradition since 9th September 2020. ▸ Established relations with several universities in order to support proper IT education according to the ISTQB sullabys. ▸ Conducted a QA survey for 2021, based on the first quarter. ▸ Initiating the process of accreditation training centers as an official ISQTB training provider since 9th September, 2021. 5
  6. GeoSTQB History at a glance ▸ In cooperation with Digital

    Camp Georgia, we supported idea of QA hackathon and motivated participants. ▸ Participated in World Congress - orginized by A4Q - twice; Particpated in several events aimed at increasing the awarenes of Software Testing among our target audience. ▸ Supporting gender equity, signed WEPs with UN Women Georgia and participated in the project “Educate 500 women in Tech”. ▸ Supporting training centers. ▸ Supporting QA community Tbilisi, which has grown up to 2.6k users. ▸ Participatin in several social, media or digital channel programs in order to promote the area and profession itself. 6
  7. 7

  8. “ MISSION: ▸ Promoting professional excellence in Software Testing. ▸

    Increasing the awareness of ISTQB among software testers within different companies. 8
  9. Natia Sirbiladze President The Team Tinatin Tsirekidze Tatia Getia Anano

    Amiranashvili Tamar Baratashvili Vice President Darejan Usanetashvili Davit Danelia Beka Sazuashvili Davit Mnatobishvili Head of Communications Manager of Innovations Direction Head of Trainings Direction Head of Examinations Head of University Relations Head of Innovations Direction Manager of Innovations Direction
  10. QA Market BEFORE 2

  11. “ ▸ Monthly Demand of QA Specialist was 5-6 including

    all companies ▸ No understanding of necessity this area for Business ▸ No career development path for a Software Tester ▸ Low Salaries ▸ Deemed as the least desirable profession in technologies ▸ No understanding of ISTQB 11
  12. QA Market AFTER 3

  13. Demand for QA specialists on the market 13 ➢ Around

    18-19 specialists on average on different HR recturing platforms ➢ Lack of professionals on the market, and companies are searching desperately ➢ International companies recognize ISTQB standards and have higher requirements
  14. Education & Trainings ▸ Due to the high demand, we

    have several training centers on the market: ▹ Softfan, Smart Academy, TBC IT Academy, GITA ‘’ Educate 3000 specialists in IT”, Electronic Academy. ▹ Companies which do training beside their main activities and provide internship & employment opportunities: Exactpro, Epam, Exadel, Webiz, TBC Bank. ▹ “Educate 500 women in Tech” orginized by UN Women and BTU, has additional Software Testing courses for beginners. ▹ Several other centres are underway. ▸ Lack of Lecturers on the market ▸ Couple of Universities have launched the Software Testing course based the on ISTQB Foundation Level sillabus for their students. The demand has increased from 1 group to 4 parallel ones. 14
  15. ISTQB Exams 15

  16. ISTQB Exams 16 ➢ The majority of exams taken are

    Certified Tester Foundation Level ◦ Very few Test Automation Engineer, Agile Tester, etc.
  17. After Market Survey 2021 Q1 17 ➢ Around 60% work

    as a manual testers, 13% as automation engineers and 27 % have mixed responsibilities. ➢ 90% work in the private sector, 6% in the public sector and 4% in other types of ogranizations. ➢ 62% are women
  18. After Market Survey 2021 Q1 18 ➢ Majority Net Salary

    ranges was varying between 1000-1500 GEL. ➢ Summary Average Net Salary is 2500 GEL
  19. Plans 4

  20. “ ▸ Tester’s Days 9-10 September, 2022. To include international

    speakers, new-trends-based topics. ▸ QA Talks series about test automation topics ▸ Increased participation in regional events/webinars and doing knowledge sharing ▸ Creating new product/products trainings & examinations (Surprise!)... 20
  21. 21 Thank you! geostqb@gmail.com https://www.linkedin.com/company/geostqb/ 🔗 Facebook GeoSTQB Community Group