Introduction To Youtube Marketing

Introduction To Youtube Marketing


Professional marketing videos sell your vision, but screencasts demonstrate how to use your product by focusing on the interface


Felix Ekpa

July 15, 2013


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    You should create content that addresses your audience’s needs. Your

    goal should be to create videos that are helpful, valuable and compelling to your prospects and clients.
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    Your videos should be findable both within and outside of

    YouTube. Videos often appear on the first page of search engines, and are a proven method of leap-frogging your competition to the top of the search results page
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    Even without spending the big bucks for a brand channel

    or becoming a YouTube partner, you still have the opportunity to create a branded experience on YouTube. Consider your YouTube channel your home away from home.
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    You can add annotations to your YouTube videos that include

    clickable calls to action. These annotations appear on top of your videos for a specified length of time & can include links to other videos, channels, or a subscribe option.
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    The best part is that you can bid on keywords

    for pennies on the dollar compared to what you pay for a Google text ad or even a Facebook ad
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    When consumers create a video, it is a perfect opportunity

    to engage in the conversation and either thank them or turn them around or highlight some of the best features of your product.
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    Even if consumers aren’t creating commercials for you, by running

    a video contest you can get access to content that you can use in your video marketing. A successful video contest requires planning and execution, but when the effort is put in, the results can be quite rewarding.
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    To keep the momentum going in your business you need

    a growing list of people you can regularly reach out to via email. To help grow your list, create videos to encourage your prospects to give you their name and email in exchange for something you will give them.
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