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Accessibility in the 2.0 era

Accessibility in the 2.0 era

The purpose of this talk is to create awareness of the importance of creating apps that are accessible for the majority regardless physical, cognitive, mental, sensory or developmental problems and how to decrease the impact in the experience of our sites by using tools and techniques that help us to make life easier for people who have those disabilities.

Talked presented during MagmaConf 2015 in Manzanillo, Colima


Fernando Perales

June 05, 2015

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  1. Fernando Perales Software Engineer @ Crowd Interactive FLOSS advocate /(.*)

    metal/ and beer love Passionate about web dev and lean startup. @FerPeralesM
  2. “The design of products, devices, services, or environments for people

    with disabilities” wikipedia.org/wiki/Accessibility
  3. “The inclusive practice of removing barriers that prevent interaction with,

    or access to websites, by people with disabilities.” wikipedia.org/wiki/Web_accessibility
  4. WAI

  5. A textbox and an associated drop-down list of choices where

    the choices offered are filtered based on the information typed into the box.
  6. With focus in an empty textbox, press Down Arrow, Up

    Arrow, Alt+Down Arrow, or Alt+Up Arrow to display the entire list of choices.
  7. The widget has a role of combobox, and its parent

    role is input. It has a child with role textbox. The property aria- autocomplete indicates whether user input completion suggestions are provided.
  8. Chrome developer tools extension Karma QUnit Jasmine Mocha R-Spec Cucumber

    Selenium Java Selenium JavaScript PhantomJS Any testing framework that supports JavaScript execution