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A Bunch of Fives

A Bunch of Fives

A selection of top tips from Jonathan Gwyer


July 06, 2012

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  1. Children and your PC • If you use your PC

    for business, your children shouldn’t touch it • If they must, give them their own user account • No administrator access!
  2. You and your PC • ALWAYS read BEFORE clicking •

    Do you need that toolbar or smiley face utility? • ninite.com – great way to install useful programs without the rubbish
  3. If you’re buying a new PC • Places like PC

    World are great because they shift boxes and offer a good place to try out • They make their money with the hard sell on software – security, Office, warranty upgrades • Shop around
  4. Order some blank DVDs too! • Your PC will suggest

    you make a set of recovery discs • Usually 3-4 DVDs • Not having them could cost more than £2
  5. And then nuke it… • Clear out the rubbish that

    is preloaded • PC Decrapifier • Then use ninite to put the useful stuff on
  6. You have no imagination • Most people use the same

    password for everything • If someone gets access to one account, they get access to all of them • How to become a spammer
  7. You have no memory • If you really cannot cope

    with individual passwords, have at least 3! • Different passwords for email and banking • Difficult to crack doesn’t have to be hard to remember
  8. But it came free with my PC… • PC manufacturers

    / retailers don’t always provide the best • You don’t have to wait for the free trial to run out to replace it • Make sure you uninstall it when you replace!
  9. The Free and Cheap • Microsoft Security Essentials – business

    use allowed & very lean • Ideal for the stay at home PC • Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware – excellent protection for less than £20 one-off
  10. Fancy something stronger? • We recommend ESET Smart Security •

    We’re approved resellers for more than one security software, but we only actively promote one
  11. It’s not IF, it’s WHEN • You will suffer a

    data loss • Never have your data stored in one place • When it comes to disasters, think BIG
  12. Belt and Braces • Windows Backup works well • System

    Image as well as documents • Fine for most hardware issues
  13. Think big – think offsite • Flood, Fire, Theft •

    Keeping a fresh backup copy offsite is tedious • Online backup for documents… … fmbackup.co.uk !
  14. • Apple - me.com started off free, charged then closed

    June • Microsoft Office Live Small Business – closed in May • GeoCities – started 1995, bought by Yahoo in 1999 for $3.7billion – closed 2009 taking over 38 million web pages with it Free hosting?
  15. Free design? • Even if you DIY, websites take time,

    time costs money • How much longer does it take if you have to teach yourself? • How long does it take you fix a problem?
  16. Your website is an investment • Spend some time •

    Spend some money • You will get back more than you spend
  17. Proprietary can be a Problem • Even if you pay

    for something, if only one provider supports it, what happens when things go wrong?
  18. What if things go wrong? • If you use an

    unusual solution, how many solution providers are there? • Are there hidden support costs? • Can you move your content elsewhere?
  19. Go for the “Standards” • Over 74,600,000 Wordpress websites in

    the world • Lots of support, lots of developers • Easily move from wordpress.com to self- hosted
  20. Content really is King • You can use all the

    magic codes and tags you like, but if your site is rubbish Google will know • Think about what your visitors want to read • Your rank will depend on linking and sharing – so make your page worth sharing
  21. Fresh is best • Google likes regularly updated content •

    Visitors don’t like to see old information • Blogging is powerful but you don’t have to go to extremes
  22. Accessibility is important • Flash based websites are unfriendly to

    people, devices and bots • Table based or images as text designs belong in the 90s • Mobile access becomes ever more important
  23. It’s not just on your screen • Think of different

    sized screens • Screenreaders for the visually impaired • Printers • Google!
  24. Sharing is caring • Make sure your site links to

    your social networks • Make it easy for visitors to share your content • It doesn’t have to be hard work – definitely an area for DIY
  25. Sharing helps Searching • Google has Google+ • Bing has

    found a friend in Facebook • Asking your clients to +1, like your Pages and post reviews is going to become very important
  26. They’re not after you… …they just want to use you

    • Don’t go with the default “admin” username • Another password to keep special • If setting up from scratch, don’t use the wp_ database prefix
  27. Keep up-to-date • All those annoying updates are there for

    a reason • Good idea to deactivate plugins before upgrading Wordpress itself • Very good idea to have a backup!
  28. Don’t trust your host’s backup • Your host will backup

    their servers to protect their service, not yours • If you are a single voice, how quickly will they react? • If they disappear, do you too?
  29. We love BackupBuddy • Nice, easy, automated backups • Nice,

    easy, stress free restore and brilliant for moving sites around • Small price to pay (starts at $75)
  30. It doesn’t have to be a blog • In Settings,

    Reading, pick a static Page to be your front page, instead of the blog • Use Settings, Permalinks to make your URLs more friendly • Next time you’re editing a page, click Screen Options and tick Discussion – now you can choose where you want comments
  31. Spammers love Comments • That lovely, gushing comment on your

    last blog post? • Use Settings, Discussions to prevent comments automatically appearing • If you suffer a lot of spam, try Defensio
  32. Pages are for Business • Resist the temptation to set

    up a user profile for your business • You will find yourself limited by functionality and could get yourself deleted • Although you can convert to a Page later, doing so is not plain sailing
  33. Automate – a bit • Use your page’s secret email

    address to update and post photos while you’re on the move • Set you page to tweet for you – but make sure it’s not your only twitter contribution! • Facebook & Wordbooker plugins can post blog updates automatically but not best option
  34. Increase your visibility • Videos rank higher than pictures, which

    rank higher than plain updates • Pictures and videos are far more likely to get Likes, Comments and Shares • Encourage Check-ins
  35. Find related or local Pages • Like other Pages •

    Use the “Use as” feature to comment on other pages as your business identity • Share and interact with other pages’ posts and you will naturally attract attention
  36. Facebook Offers • Currently limited but expanding soon • You

    can create special offers that will appear in fans’ feeds • People claiming your offer will receive email from Facebook to use as coupon
  37. Reaching out • Your offer can be claimed, liked, shared

    or commented on • More ways for your message to extend its reach