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The Future of Data

The Future of Data

A talk from Steve Francia at Hack+Startup on Feb 28, 2013.


First Round Capital

February 28, 2013


  1. Steve Francia Chief Evangelist 10gen Speaker @spf13

  2. The Future of Data In 10 minutes

  3. Google 2000 Google Inc Today announced it has released the

    largest search engine on the Internet. Google’s new index, comprising more than 1 billion URLs
  4. Google 2008 Our indexing system for processing links indicates that

    we now count 1 trillion unique URLs (and the number of individual web pages out there is growing by several billion pages per day).
  5. Data Growth 0 250 500 750 1000 2000 2001 2002

    2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 1 4 10 24 55 120 250 500 1,000
  6. What are we doing with all this data?

  7. A brief history of data incomplete and mostly inaccurate

  8. Relational databases became a crutch

  9. Memcache, a scooter

  10. Limited by our tools…

  11. Shiny Raw Data

  12. Around 2007 The crutches began to snap –Social graph emergence

    –Substantial data growth –Flexible & rich data structures needed –Open source tools emerged –No longer just Google & Amazon
  13. MongoDB, Hadoop, etc. An empowering exoskeleton

  14. Products built with these new data tools largely resembled earlier

  15. The crutch was gone but we acted like it was

    still there
  16. None
  17. The data tools today are vastly more powerful Tools built

    to make sense of our data
  18. Your data is telling you things Are you listening?

  19. We need to do more than report We need products

    that… inform educate reveal
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  22. Google analytics What if it provided actual intelligence, like… Steve,

    Your website currently has higher than usual traffic. Most of the visitors are coming from a blog post on Lifehacker which links to your Vim page. There's quite a conversation happening there so you may want to participate. Additionally the conversation seems to have spilled over onto Twitter.
  23. Google analytics Of the people that go to 4%

    visited DataStax 20% visited Amazon Web Services 10% searched for cloud hosting …
  24. It's about making connections … so your users don’t have

  25. City of Chicago

  26. Goals • Bring all the data all in one place

    • Make it available in realtime • Find relationships in the data
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  29. Modern tools like Redis Hadoop MongoDB Storm / Spark R

    / Ruby / Python / Go empower you
  30. What are you going to do with your data?

  31. Questions @spf13

  32. Hack+Startup Presented by First Round Capital