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A book for Megan about rocks.


Michael Fogleman

December 11, 2012


  1. Rocks by Michael Fogleman for Megan

  2. Rocks are everywhere.

  3. Some rocks are small. You can pick them up and

    carry them with you.
  4. Other rocks are very big. They are much too heavy

    to pick up.
  5. Some rocks are so big that you can walk around

    on them or climb them.
  6. The whole world is like one big rock.

  7. Some rocks are so tiny that they become sand.

  8. The rocks that fit in your hand are the most

  9. You can throw rocks in the water and make a

    big splash.
  10. If you throw the rock just right, you can make

    it skip along the water.
  11. Many people used to make tools out of rock, like

    a hammer or a weapon.
  12. There are different types of rock depending on how they

  13. Sedimentary rock came from layers of dirt that hardened over

    many years.
  14. Igneous rock came from lava that cooled and hardened.

  15. Metamorphic rock was formed with high temperatures and pressures.

  16. Because of these differences, rocks come in many colors and

  17. The End