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The Ultimate Titanium CLI Toolchain

The Ultimate Titanium CLI Toolchain

I gave this talk at Connect.JS in Atlanta, October 17-18 20014

See: http://fokkezb.nl/tag/ticonnect

Though Studio has improved a lot, the CLI has as well - allowing you to use your own favourite editor instead and even increase your productivity by using some community-developed tools like TiShadow, gitTio, Grunt, TiCons, Ti-Inspector, STSS and many more.

Fokke Zandbergen

October 18, 2014

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  1. What do we need? • Editor* • Rapid*Application*Development*(RAD)** • Dependency*Management*

    • Debugging*&*Testing* • Deployment*&*Continuous*Integration*(CI)* • Coffee
  2. Studio • Syntax*highlighting* • Code*completion* • JSHint* • Auto*formatting* •

    Open**related*files* • Git*integration* • Build*system
  3. CLI does have downsides $ ti clean && ti build

    -p ios -t dist-adhoc -R “Flasher (X242ZJ33XX)” -P “0253600x-ac6d-35b6-b66d- dd25c4fd956f” -O “dist” -b --installr --installr- release-notes='New build with awesome features'
  4. $ grunt Grunt • Increment*tiapp.xml*version* • Titanium*clean* • Titanium*build*iOS* •

    Titanium*build*Android* • Installr*upload*iOS* • Installr*upload*Android