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TiNy #TiAppCamp

TiNy #TiAppCamp

Presentation and hackathon challenge of TiNy: The smart and simple wrapper for the Titanium, Alloy, TiShadow and related CLIs.


Fokke Zandbergen

November 02, 2013


  1. TiNy November 2nd 2013 github.com/fokkezb/tn

  2. None
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  4. Recognize these? $ titanium create —-id my.app —-name MyApp —-

    platform ios —-workspace-dir . $ titanium build —-platform ios —-device-family iphone --target dist-appstore -—distribution- name "Fokke Zandbergen (WM8665AMW4)" —-pp-uuid "9D50EBFE-09E1-41DF-B292-A58183E83925" $ alloy compile —-config platform=ios && tishadow run —-update
  5. Imagine this! $ tn create MyApp $ tn update $

    tn "Fokke Zandbergen (WM8665AMW4)" 9D50EBFE-09E1-41DF-B292-A58183E83925
  6. Smarts $ tn $ tn update android ~/my.keystore $ tn

    adhoc "Fokke Zandbergen (WM8665AMW4)" 9D50EBFE-09E1-41DF-B292-A58183E83925 3.1.2.GA $ tn —retina -tall $ tn R=Fokke
 $ tn R:Fokke
 $ tn -R Fokke
  7. Recipes $ tn my-key: ~/dev/.keystore
 $ tn my-alias: L=fokkezb

    tn my-pass: P-iloveti
 $ tn ship-it: play my-key my-alias my-pass $ tn ah: adhoc $ tn ship-it
  8. Recipes $ tn recipes TiNy 0.1.2 by Fokke Zandbergen <www.fokkezb.nl>

    The simple CLI for Titanium, Alloy and related tools. ! Recipes defined by: system, user and user-override ! adhoc: dist-adhoc appstore: dist-appstore crap: android device desktop: ~/Desktop ipad6: S=6.1 Y=ipad ipad7: S=7.0 Y=ipad iphone6: S=6.0 iphone7: S=7.0 mrmovie-appstore: appstore 38A0E98E-63C7-4E02-B1C8- E2C4AD65836E "Tera.nl bv (E8978765FC)”
  9. Verbose $ tn appstore 38A0E98E-63C7-4E02-B1C8-E2C4AD65836E "Tera.nl bv (E8978765FC)" verbose TiNy

    0.1.2 by Fokke Zandbergen <www.fokkezb.nl> The simple CLI for Titanium, Alloy and related tools. ! [TRACE] Expanded 'appstore' resulting in: dist-appstore 38A0E98E-63C7-4E02-B1C8-E2C4AD65836E Tera.nl bv (E8978765FC) ! Command: ti build -T dist-appstore -P 38A0E98E-63C7-4E02-B1C8- E2C4AD65836E -R "Tera.nl bv (E8978765FC)" -p ios ! What would you like me to do with this? 1) Execute it 2) Save the original as a recipe (non-verbose) 3) Exit : 2 ! What do you want to name it? : mrmovie-appstore ! Setting user recipe: mrmovie-appstore
  10. $ sudo npm install -g tn Get it!

  11. Challenges [X] implement "titanium create” [X] support custom recipes [

    ] support chaining commands (alloy + tishadow) [ ] add "alloy compile" [ ] add "tishadow run” [ ] add genymotion [ ] rewrite for modular/pluggable architecture
  12. Hack it! # fork it on GitHub $ git clone

    https://github.com/YOU/tn.git $ cd tn $ git remote add fokkezb https://github.com/ fokkezb/tn.git $ npm install
 $ sudo npm link