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YWC programmer meetup - Introduction to GCP

YWC programmer meetup - Introduction to GCP

Introduction to GCP (Google Cloud Platform)
By Fon, Kamolphan Liwprasert

Presented at YWC Programmer meet up by YWC (Young Webmaster Camp) on May 12th, 2019

It's a beginner level introduction to GCP. Some services are not generally available at that time in the mid of 2019. The logos are not updated as well.
Note: only minor part of the title page contains Thai language.

Kamolphan Liwprasert

May 12, 2019

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  1. Components • Compute • Storage & DBs • Big Data

    • ML & AI products • Identity & Security • Networking • Management tools • Developer tools • IoT • API Platform & Eco And more ...
  2. Compute Compute Engine GCE App Engine GAE Kubernetes Engine GKE

    Cloud Functions GCF Cloud Run (Beta) K8s “Fully managed serverless application platform” IAAS : Infrastructure as a service PAAS : Platform as a service Function as a service VM instance EC2 like Firebase cloud function Lambda Serverless container
  3. Choose the right storage https://cloud.google.com/storage-options/ Blob storage (unstructured data) MySQL

    / PostgreSQL Firestore from Firebase (NoSQL) Distributed SQL (Transactional) VM Disk NAS Redis Mongo-like HBase
  4. Developer Tools (Focus) Git Repo on GCP Dockerhub on GCP

    CI/CD tools API Gateway with OpenAPI
  5. Cloud Build Free : First 120 build-minutes per day Trigger

    : • GitHub • BitBucket • Cloud Source Repository Access to same google cloud projects
  6. Hello Big Data world :) Serverless data warehouse Just Jupyter

    notebook Serverless Publish/Subscribe ~ Kafka (skip) Apache Airflow (ETL pipeline) Easy data cleansing and preparation w/ UI Run Hadoop/Spark job Apache Beam data processing (batch/streaming)
  7. AI&ML products APIs Training and online prediction for Tensorflow model

    Easily training and prediction for computer vision
  8. Recap .. • Compute • Storage • Free tier Separate

    Compute / Storage GCS (Cloud Storage) can host static site https://cloud.google.com/storage/docs/hosting-static-website Google Cloud in 4 words https://github.com/gregsramblings/google-cloud-4-words Choose the right storage options : SQL / NoSQL / Blob? https://cloud.google.com/storage-options/ https://db-engines.com/en/