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Crafting the Endgame Keyboard

Crafting the Endgame Keyboard


May 10, 2023

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  1. Self introduction As a keyboard designer and software engineer, I’m

    passionate about crafting compact keyboards with distinct concepts. My creations include Corne, Cornelius, and more. • Corne https://github.com/foostan/crkbd • Cornelius https://github.com/foostan/corneliuskbd • 自作キーボード設計入門 • and...
  2. Keyboard Design Journey This presentation introduces the approach to keyboard

    design: • The DIY Experience • The High-End Approach • The Unique and Freedom 3D design Embark on a journey to uncover the inspiration behind each design, and explore their unique features and purposes, paving a new path towards your keyboard endgame.
  3. Starting point of my Journey HHKB Professional2 • Used for

    6 years since the end of univ • No Legend model Let’s split • Split • Ortholinear • 40% • self-made
  4. Corne The DIY Experience Summary • Compact/Split/Column staggerd • Open-source,

    anyone can create a new one based on it • Simple and low cost design Concept • Inspired by: Helix • Compact and DIY-Friendly • Split Ergonomic Design • Open Source: Powered by the Community
  5. Inspired by: Helix • The legendary keyboard in the Japanese

    DIY keyboard community • Incorporated the concept of assembly kits • Open-source and the catalyst for many more keyboard designers • Compact and slim split keyboard
  6. Compact and DIY-Friendly • Only 42 keys, with no number

    row • Simple design intended for self-assembly • Adopted the thin design method from Helix and equipped with OLED • Later became the inspiration for writing a design book
  7. Split Ergonomic Design • Comfortable typing experience with column staggered

    layout • Adjustable positioning with split design • User-friendly thumb cluster • Customizable tilt/tent design
  8. Open Source: Powered by the Community • 3.5k stars •

    Enhancements based on user feedback • The variety of variations and options • Growth and development in forked projects
  9. Cornelius The High-End Approach Summary • Compact design with a

    focus on keystroke feel • Aluminum body for a substantial weight • Unique high-end 40% ergonomic keyboard Concept • Inspired by: Polaris • High-End, Focus on a keystroke feel • Fusion with Ergonomic design • Group Buy experience
  10. Inspired by: Polaris • Designed by a globally famous keyboard

    designer • Relatively affordable keyboard with a focus on keystroke feel • Incorporates design features and materials that later become the de facto standard, such as gasket, polycarbonate plate, and foam • Simple, refined, and cool design
  11. High-End, Focus on a keystroke feel • Aluminum body with

    brass weight • Gasket mount • Polycarbonate plate and foam • Premium e-white color (Electrostatic coating)
  12. Fusion with Ergonomic design • Based on the Corne's column

    staggered layout • Not a split design • Unique 40% ergonomic design
  13. Group Buy experience • Collaboration with Yushakobo • Difficult to

    predict demand • Packaging know-how • Variations and sales methods
  14. Cornetyl (仮) The Unique and Freedom 3D design Summary •

    Compact 3D design • Based on Corne's shape and usability • 42 keys split column staggerd Concept • Inspired by: Dactyl • Unique 3D-shaped Design for Freedom • From Clay Concepts to 3D CAD Design • Split Ergonomic Design
  15. Inspired by: Dactyl • Split 3D design • Generated with

    Clojure, customizable by parameters • Open source and various variations available • Basically handwired without a PCB Reference: https://github.com/abstracthat/dactyl-manuform
  16. Unique 3D-shaped Design for Freedom • Negative tilt 3D design

    • More user-friendly thumb cluster • Specially designed palm rest • Freedom
  17. From Clay Concepts to 3D CAD Design • Prototyping with

    clay to get experience • Adjusting of thumbs and other keys • Ease of use and freedom of design • Patterned based on Corne design
  18. Split Ergonomic Design • Split type with reference to dactyl

    and kinesis advantage. • Negative tilt instead of bowl shape, considering the size of the hand • Not too eccentric, but a natural shape for Corne users
  19. Conclusion In conclusion, I have introduced three distinct concepts aimed

    at crafting the Endgame Keyboard. What does your Endgame look like? Having a clear concept will help you refine your journey and get to Endgame.