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Call for Proposals 101

Galuh Sahid
January 18, 2020

Call for Proposals 101

Global Diversity CFP Day Jakarta 2020

Galuh Sahid

January 18, 2020

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  1. @galuhsahid Q: Should I have a minimum of X- year

    experience to speak at a conference? A: No! Sometimes, these conferences don’t even know who you are
  2. @galuhsahid Rejection Doesn’t mean your talk sucks - Some conferences

    don’t have enough space to hold 50 awesome talks - Sometimes two people submit similar topics with very minor differences - Sometimes conferences have a theme they are focusing on and your talk doesn’t fit the topic and it’s OK!
  3. @galuhsahid Rejection Doesn’t mean you have to throw your talk

    away - Give a lightning talk! - Speak at meetups! - Write a blog post out of it!