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Gamesboost42 - Make them Pay!

Gamesboost42 - Make them Pay!


Gamesboost42 LTD

July 02, 2021


  1. This presentation contains everything you need for that to happen.

    Your product’s revenue can grow several times over. Money. Traffic. Analytics. Start for free today.
  2. Want your product’s revenue to rocket? So do we. GamesBoost42

    is ready to hand over up to for marketing your product. Decision in 3 working days.
  3. Who we are exactly: GamesBoost42 is a financial company that

    specializes in providing non-equity financing services. With our help you will always have the money to promote your product We work with companies whose products have promising unit economics and indicators, analyzing them and opening lines of financing for ongoing and future traffic-buying campaigns.
  4. What problem GamesBoost42 solves: Imagine a product that, over a

    predictable time period, will pay for the cost of its advertising and bring its creators significant revenue on top. What do you need to do first with a product like that? That's right: pour money into marketing it. But where do you get the money from? Stores pay with a delay Revenue grows slowly it's not possible to buy lots of users lost profits
  5. Or you can come to GamesBoost42 and quickly obtain money

    against accounts receivable from stores, and perhaps even 2-3 times more. Of course, to solve the problem of money for advertising you can find an investor (slow and expensive) or a publisher (obscenely expensive). Solutions to the problem
  6. Who can we help to earn more? First and foremost,

    it's developers of games and apps for different platforms (not only mobile, btw) with projects ALREADY launched or at different stages Publishing companies Performance UA agencies Сompanies producing and distributing physical goods or services connected with the entertainment industry
  7. It's possible we've missed a potential area for collaboration and

    your product works for us, but isn't on the list. Let's discuss it!
  8. «Aaah, so you’re like investor guys?» Absolutely not. We're not

    interested in equity, buying shares, dilution or revenue share We're flexible, so we can listen attentively to your specific circumstances and choose a package of products that can help you.
  9. Want to get financing that’s 2–3 times bigger than your

    current revenue? That’s possible! Let's have a look at your figures, put together a scaling plan and get to work! Pssst, you won't find anyone else in the current market with conditions like ours
  10. Don’t know how to buy traffic? There’s a solution! If

    you don't have your own marketing department, we'll provide you with a tried and tested advertising agency that can take away all the worry of attracting traffic* If up till now you've done your own ad buying or lived on organic, now's your chance to double your revenue in 1–2 months! And we'll help you finance your marketing. Isn't that cool? Cool! *Услуги агентства оплачиваются отдельно
  11. Why is GamesBoost42 a revolution in the market? We work

    with almost any jurisdictions (including Russia and the CIS) One of the lowest commission rates on the market A minimum set of requirements for clients, including the opportunity not to change the information in your Marketplace accounts (including replacement of bank details)
  12. We issue funds on a virtual bank card, so you

    can immediately start paying for User Acquisition We pay out in a convenient currency. EUR/USD or even RUB Why is GamesBoost42 a revolution in the market?
  13. GamesBoost42 clients always have money for marketing So they can

    buy more traffic and earn more money. Want to do the same?
  14. Those who’ve already taken off with our financing Many of

    them are here at this conference. You can find them and get first-hand feedback.
  15. We want to make the process of getting money for

    marketing as simple as ordering a pizza via an app. That's why we've made a convenient online platform for our clients: L O O K I N G F O R O N L I N E P L AT F O R M
  16. How the GB42 platform works Register via this link: get.gamesboost42.com

  17. Enter data about your apps 5 M I N U

    T E S How the GB42 platform works
  18. GamesBoost42 analyzes your data and takes a decision about the

    possibility of working together 72 H O U R S If the decision is positive, you'll immediately receive information about the amount of financing available to you and the ways to increase it + the interest rate How the GB42 platform works
  19. Financing to market your product in 3 simple steps: Connect

    to the app Fill out the form Get money
  20. What do you do right now? Register on the platform

    get.gamesboost42.com Connect to the app and fill in the form (very carefully!) Within 72 hours you'll receive a preliminary answer and the potential amount of financing Leave an inquiry on gamesboost42.com Approach any company representative at the conference stand and tell them your situation For AppStore products: For other products: 1 1 2 2 3
  21. If you have any other questions, are experiencing technical difficulties,

    or just want a friendly chat, we're waiting for you at our stand