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Devops Weekly, the first 200 issues

Devops Weekly, the first 200 issues

Ignite talk given at #devopsdays Gent, about how the #devopsweekly newsletter is created and some facts and figures from the first 4 years.


Gareth Rushgrove

October 28, 2014


  1. Devops Weekly, The First 200 Issues Devopsdays, Ghent, 2014 Gareth

    Rushgrove 4 years of community news
  2. @garethr

  3. I missed the first Devopsdays. Dean Wilson told me about

    it. I went to Hamburg. Gareth Rushgrove
  4. 4 years later, 199 Issues, 13,909 subscribers, all since November

    2010 Gareth Rushgrove
  5. 2532 links in total! 530 of them to GitHub! from

    1067 different hosts! about 13 links a week Gareth Rushgrove » find . -type f | grep html | grep -v archive | xargs lynx -dump -listonly | grep -v References | grep -v '^$' | sed -E 's/^.{6}//' | grep -v mailto | grep -v '^file' | grep -v brightbox | grep -v morethanseven | grep -v devopsweekly | grep -v rubyweekly | grep -v 'heroku.com/$' | wc -l
  6. Instapaper everything. Twitter, IRC, emails.! Read everything on Sunday. Sent

    with MailChimp Gareth Rushgrove
  7. Gareth Rushgrove Issue 1

  8. “It’s safe to say Devops means different things to different

    people at this early stage” Gareth Rushgrove Gareth Rushgrove, 2010
  9. Gareth Rushgrove CAMS

  10. “Docker is the soon to be open sourced container runtime

    from the folks at dotcloud” Gareth Rushgrove Issue 115, 17th March 2013 Docker
  11. Gareth Rushgrove Devopsdays

  12. Gareth Rushgrove Government

  13. Most popular words Gareth Rushgrove

  14. Docker, Puppet, Chef, Jenkins, OSv Gareth Rushgrove Most popular tools

  15. Interesting, nice, good, useful, open Gareth Rushgrove Adjectives

  16. 2. John Alspaw www.kitchensoap.com! 3. Patrick Debois jedi.be! 3. Lindsey

    Holmwood holmwood.id.au! 3. John Vincent blog.lusis.org! 3. Jeff Sussna blog.ingineering.it! 3. Damon Edwards dev2ops.org! 4. Mathias Meyer paperplanes.de! 4. Jason Dixon obfuscurity.com Gareth Rushgrove Nearly most posts
  17. 1. Ernest Mueller theagileadmin.com! 1. R.I. Pienarr devco.net Gareth Rushgrove

    Most posts
  18. Devops is marketing.! This is a good thing. Gareth Rushgrove

  19. Gareth Rushgrove

  20. If all you remember is…! Never put the word weekly

    in the title of anything Gareth Rushgrove