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GDC Europe & Gamescom 2016

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November 25, 2016

GDC Europe & Gamescom 2016


GDP Labs

November 25, 2016


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  6. SESSIONS Business, Marketing & Management Track Production Track Design Track

    Programming Track
  7. 1. Nuclear Throne: Performative Game Development in Hindsight 2. Gacha

    Mechanics SESSIONS
  8. SESSIONS Nuclear Thrones Performative Game Development in Hindsight

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  12. + = + Game Development Livestreaming Nuclear Throne: Performative Game

    Development in Hindsight
  13. Reason • Show how game was made • Gain big

    profit in a unique way that no one has ever done before • Attract talented employee candidate by showing how challenging and fun it is to develop Nuclear Throne • Become a successful pioneer of performative game development and have their names immortalized in college textbooks Nuclear Throne: Performative Game Development in Hindsight
  14. Performative Game Development Process Highlight • Nuclear Throne was developed

    over a period of 2.5 years of active development • Performative development occured primarily on popular livestreaming site twitch.tv on Tuesday and Thursday from 1pm to 6pm GMT+1 • Updates to the game were released every weekend • After 2.5 years of streaming, 98 updates, and over 250 episodes, it ended Nuclear Throne: Performative Game Development in Hindsight
  15. Lessons Learned • Talking while doing something is HARD •

    Don’t broadcast potato quality • Moderate your chat, keep community healthy • Try to watch your own stream • Consistent schedule • Reward audience time • Don’t be afraid to make a call of action such as ask to subscribe Nuclear Throne: Performative Game Development in Hindsight
  16. Closing • Even though their stream quality is not good,

    surprisingly they have 15,000 followers and 1,200 subscribers at $12.99 • The channel also made $31.06 ads revenue Nuclear Throne: Performative Game Development in Hindsight
  17. SESSIONS Gacha Mechanics

  18. Gacha Mechanics Gacha is ... Gashapon or gachapon refer to

    variety of vending machine-dispensed capsule toys popular in Japan and elsewhere carousell.com japanmentor.jp
  19. Characteristics: • Have a assigned rarity • Have an aesthetic

    appeal outside of practical use emotional impact • Be a central element of the game’s mechanics • Provide further interactive functionality • Leave the game’s challenge intact Gacha Mechanics
  20. Why it works? • Some of player like to complete

    set • Player can share their reaction when they opening gacha youtube pokemongoko.com Gacha Mechanics youtube.com pokemongoko.com
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  22. Elements of games: • Characters Gacha Mechanics

  23. m.mobomarket.net youtube

  24. Gacha on elements of games • Items (equipment; not the

    consumable one) Gacha Mechanics
  25. dualshockers.com

  26. Some good example: • Clash Royale is one example of

    western game that can implement gacha mechanism – It selling a random draw out of a variety of items Chest gacha or reward system, they have currently total ~58 different cards – The cards have assigned rarity common, rare, epic, legendary – Have an aesthetic appeal? Maybe, characters are shown in 2D cards – Cards are the core gameplay – Gacha has limited influence on balancing Gacha Mechanics
  27. Implement Gacha, what to consider? • Avoid too repetitive gameplay

    • Have characters focus for end game • Have a persistent progress layer • Have a right amount of characters • Have social layers Gacha Mechanics
  28. Tips: • To make the game balance even with gacha

    mechanics, you mustn’t change drop rate based on player spending behaviour • Best practice: Set checkpoints when player can get some rarer characters or items Gacha Mechanics
  29. digitalspyuk.cdnds.net

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  31. https://www.flickr.com/photos/gamescom/

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  39. Goji Play • Icaros • Parachute VR Sanlab Simulation Expo

  40. Goji Play

  41. Goji Play

  42. Icaros

  43. Parachute VR

  44. Sanlab Simulation

  45. • The Climb • Robinson: The Journey • Eagle Flight

    • Blue Effect Expo (VR)
  46. theclimbgame.com The Climb

  47. thisgengaming.com Robinson: The Journey

  48. psnation.com Eagle Flight

  49. vrtalk.com Blue Effect

  50. • World of Warcraft: Legion • Heartstone: Nefarian Rises •

    Gwent: The Witcher Card Game • Dreadnought • For Honor • Titanfall 2 Additional Expo
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