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Classification using ML

Classification using ML

Study jam Machine Learning #2

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  1. Oracle, https://www.oracle.com/ie/artificial-intelligence/machine-learning/what-is-machine-learning/ Hasanuddin University Machine learning (ML) is the subset

    of artificial intelligence (AI) that focuses on building systems that learn—or improve performance—based on the data they consume.
  2. • Missing Data • Duplicated Data • Outliers in Data

    • Imbalanced Data KDNuggets, https://www.kdnuggets.com/2023/08/7-steps-mastering-data-cleaning-preprocessing-techniques.html
  3. ‘changing raw data into a binary format that an algorithm

    can read and interpret. Encoding enables computers to process and transmit information that is not numerical-based’ Encoding Categorical Data edX, https://www.edx.org/learn/data-encoding#:~:text=Data%20encoding%20is%20changing%20raw,text%2C%20audio%2C%20and%20video.
  4. Hasanuddin University Splitting Data Determine feature variables and target variables

    to enter the modeling process The data will be divided into two, namely training data and test data
  5. Definition Classification is a supervised machine learning method where the

    model tries to predict the correct label of a given input data. In classification, the model is fully trained using the training data, and then it is evaluated on test data before being used to perform predictions on new unseen data. Datacamp, https://www.datacamp.com/blog/classification-machine-learning
  6. Hasanuddin University - Logistic Regression - K-Nearest Neighbors - Decision

    Tree Medium, https://medium.com/@danushidk507/classification-algorithm-13caad1742da For more classification type, can check this source
  7. Hasanuddin University - Accuracy - Precision - Recall - F1-Score

    Medium, https://medium.com/@danushidk507/classification-algorithm-13caad1742da
  8. That’s all about Machine Learning Any Question ??? Raise your

    hand 󰢨󰢧(you can ask a question bcz this is hard i understand that) Hasanuddin University