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5 Podcast episodes every software engineer should listen to

5 Podcast episodes every software engineer should listen to

Geshan Manandhar

December 26, 2021

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  1. 5 Podcast episodes every software engineer should listen to -

    Geshan Manandhar
  2. Some podcast stats: source SemRush • 2021 holds the record

    for hours spent listening to podcasts with 15 billion hours compared to 12 billion just two years ago - no idea how they claim this • In 2020, 20% of people listened to podcasts on a weekly basis. 2 • Most podcast listeners (75%) listen to learn new things • Most people (70%) aren’t doing anything while listening to podcasts, while 59% listen when doing housework or chores.
  3. Sarah Dayan (Algolia) on StaffEng podcast • The first episode

    of StaffEng Podcast • Main takeaways: ◦ Relationships matter ◦ It is about the impact ◦ Have a long game mindset 3
  4. This Is How You Have Effective Meetings • One of

    the best episodes of DevDiscuss podcast • Main takeaways: ◦ Clear meeting agenda ◦ Gradients of agreement ◦ WW,DW,BW - Who will do what by when 4
  5. One thing at a time - Developer Tea • Great

    reminder in Friday refill of Developer Tea podcast • Main takeaways: ◦ Improve one area at a time ◦ Stack up things you want to change ◦ Sequence it properly for a cascade effect - cycle (focus) 5
  6. Essentials to employee engagement & developing high-quality managers - Qualtrics'

    Russ Laraway - In Depth • One of the greatest episodes of In Depth Podcast by First Round • Main takeaways: ◦ Managers are key to employee engagement ◦ Leadership -> Engagement -> Result -- research ◦ Never interrupt, listen, do you mind if I push you on that? 6
  7. $1.5M+ ARR with Paperform on SAAS Podcast • One of

    the most inspiring episodes of the SAAS podcast • Main takeaways: ◦ Start small, validate the idea ◦ Look for possibilities ◦ Be open to growth and hiring people (Sydney) 7
  8. Thank you! Keep listening... 8