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StreetLib - The Global Books Aggregator for the 2020s

October 25, 2019

StreetLib - The Global Books Aggregator for the 2020s

Publishing is a Global Affair
by StreetLib.com


October 25, 2019

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  1. 1. The Global Publishing Opportunity 2. The Solution: The StreetLib

    Publishing Platform 3. How StreetLib Works a. The Tech Platform b. The Main Features c. The Business Model d. The StreetLib Partners Network 4. StreetLib Next Steps OUTLINE
  2. The Global Book Market was worth $143 billion in 2016.

    The good news? 71% of that was outside the USA Global Book Market 2016
  3. We CAN’T rely on the big book retailers to help

    us embracing the global opportunity. Amazon last launched a Kindle store in 2014. We talk of it as the world's biggest book store but actually it has only 14 global stores. The Kindle store is completely blocked across most of Asia and Africa. Apple has 51 global stores, but many are just placeholders. Apple's ebook expansion ground to a halt years ago. There is no evidence Apple plans to re-ignite its global ebook strategy.
  4. We CAN’T rely on the big book retailers to help

    us embracing the global opportunity. Google Play has 75 global stores but again, many are placeholders. There is no evidence Google Play plans to re-ignite its global ebook strategy. Kobo is global, but not as global as it likes to think. Most global readers are sent to the US international store where books are territorially restricted and US-priced. There are few localised payment options. No evidence Rakuten is willing to fund Kobo’s global ambitions further.
  5. StreetLib.com StreetLib is a publishing facilitator and global gateway distributor

    of ebooks, audiobooks, and POD-books for publishers big and small. StreetLib is building the best Truly-Global, Multi-Channels and Open Books Aggregator for the 2020s.
  6. StreetLib’s Mission To enable any author or publisher, anywhere in

    the world, to have their work available, to any reader and listener anywhere in the world. An impossible dream in the pre-digital books era. But digital means yesterday’s dreams can become tomorrow’s reality.
  7. Who We Are At StreetLib, we’re a small and young

    team with a big vision and great ambitions: • Core Team: 8 people, average age of 35, working together for +5 yrs. • Our HQ is in Italy and we’ve people in the US, India and West-Africa. • We’re distributing about 300k ebooks, 10k POD-books and 3k audiobooks to 250+ retail partners across over 40k consumer points. • We have a community of 20k+ indie authors, small presses, medium sized and big publishers across 6 continents.
  8. CEO Giacomo D’Angelo At StreetLib, Giacomo drives strategy, profitability, international

    expansion and growth, with a special focus on the emerging markets. Giacomo combines a passion for the Internet and blockchain technologies with his love for books as the best tools for improving human potential.
  9. Core Team Lucia Zitelli Head of Publishing Mark Williams Head

    of Communication Michele Marcucci Chief Technology Officer Giovanna Russo Head of Marketing Lorenzo Giuggiolini Head of Operations Francesco Cittadini Chief Financial Officer Luca Razzano Solution Architect
  10. What We Do / 1 Distribution - ebooks, comics, magazines,

    print-on-demand paperbacks, and audiobooks. Our standard model is no up-front fees and we take just a 10% commission per sale made (20% for audio). We deliver our catalogue of approx. 300,000 titles to retail, library and subscription outlets around the world. Retail – as well as distributing to third party outlets we have our own international online bookstore (soon to include audiobooks).
  11. What We Do / 2 Publishing facilitation – we provide

    tools for authors and publishers to create and format digital and printed books, as well as to upload their own completed projects. Editorial Services – we offer formatting, design, editing and proofreading services. Translation and audio services soon.
  12. What We Do / 3 Services to global literacy -

    At StreetLib we are actively engaged with global literacy partners to bring more books to more readers. We actively support the UNESCO Year of Indigenous Languages. For 2019 and into the 2020s we have commenced our programme to engage with schools and libraries around the world to deliver digital reading content wherever it is needed, not just where it is profitable.
  13. What We Do / 4 We publish The New Publishing

    Standard (tnps.world) as a free service to industry stakeholders offering news, data and unique insights about aspects of the global book markets that other trade journals do not routinely cover. We also publish B2B newsletters like Publish Africa, Publish MENA and Publish Global.
  14. StreetLib’s Business Model OF GENERATED TRANSACTIONS (NO Upfront fees &

    NO Maintenance fees for the distribution) X% 10% For ebook and POD-books 20% for audiobooks
  15. Main Features • Multi-Format: ebooks, POD-books and audiobooks • Open:

    everybody can signup and start using the platform right away • Multi-channels: +250 integrated retail partners all over the world • (Almost) Real-time sales analytics across all the +250 integrated retailers • No exclusivity whatsoever • Support for bulk-upload via XLS/ONIX/FTP + complete APIs for any integrations • Automatically conversion of non-styled Word manuscripts into EPUB • Fully featured online book cover designer • International book store
  16. Main Retail Partners - ebooks • Amazon.com (with 14 local

    storefronts) • Apple Books (with 51 local storefronts) • Google Play Books (with 75 local storefronts) • Kobo Books (with +15 local storefronts) • Kobo Plus • Barnes & Noble • Scribd • StreetLib International Store • Bajalibros • Casa Del Libro
  17. Main Retail Partners - ebooks/2 • BookBeat • Bidi &

    Leamons • Librerias Gandhi • Il Giardino dei Libri • OverDrive • Libreka • Perlego • Tolino • Peru Bookstore • Hoepli • Dreame • Odilo • IBS.it • YouScribe • YouBoox
  18. Main Retail Partners - POD books • Amazon.com (with 7

    local storefronts) • StreetLib International Store • IBS.it • Il Giardino dei Libri • Feltrinelli • FastBooks (wholesaler for Italian B&M bookstores) • Arnoia, Lulu, Podiprint (Work in Progress)
  19. Main Retail Partners - audiobooks • Audible • Apple ITunes

    • Storytel • BookBeat • Google Play Books • Kobo Books and Kobo Plus • IlNarratore • StreetLib International Store • OverDrive • Audiobooks.com • UBook • Audioteka • MLOL • Nextory
  20. Some of our Publishing Partners • Gruppo Editoriale Panini •

    Craft.de • Il Narratore Audiolibri • Egmont Publishing Group • Scholastic Publishing Group • Wolters Kluwer • Elsevier • Tektime • Word Audio Publishing International • Frilli Editore • Armenia Edizioni • Gruppo Albatros • BookBabel • Lukeman Literary Publishing • Firenze University Press • Primento Publishing
  21. StreetLib Next Steps 1. Raising awareness on digital opportunities in

    international publishing 2. Supporting the world’s indigenous languages 3. Supporting global digital libraries and the global education sector 4. Supporting global publishing & writers organisations, book fairs & festivals 5. Integrating new retail partners all around the world 6. Further developing the tech platform: AI capabilities, royalties mngt, etc… 7. Supporting big publishers international efforts 8. Becoming the best partner for publishers of any kind and nationality
  22. • Kinokuniya – Japan, Indonesia, Myanmar, Cambodia, UAE, Thailand, Malaysia,

    Singapore • Lazada – Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand • Shoppee – Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, Malaysia Some of the new retail partnerships we’re working on: • Livremoi - Francophone Africa • Kotobna - MENA • Gramedia - Indonesia • Ookbee - SE Asia • Juggernaut - SE Asia • Bookville World - Nigeria • Periplus - Indonesia • OpenTrolley - Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia
  23. • Estore – Thailand • 11 Street – Korea, Malaysia,

    Daraz - Pakistan, Myanmar, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka • Lootlo – Pakistan • Home Shopping – Pakistan • iShopping – Pakistan • Takas – Sri lanka • And many others! • Books & Beyond - Indonesia • Popular Books – Indonesia • Thien Naga - Vietnam • Tiki – Vietnam • Komnit Book Center - Cambodia • Fishpond – NZ • MPH Onine -Malaysia • JIB - Thailand Some of the new retail partnerships we’re working on/2:
  24. • Frankfurt Book Fair (Germany) on October 16-20, 2019 •

    BookPride (Genova, Italy) on October 18-20, 2019 • The Publishing Fair (Turin, Italy) on Nov 22-23, 2019 • Più Libri Più Liberi (Rome, Italy) on Dec 4-8, 2019 • SIEL Casablanca (Morocco) on Feb 6-10, 2020 • London Book Fair (UK) on March 10-12, 2020 • Bologna Book Fair (Italy) on April 30, 2020 Upcoming Events Where You’ll Find Us: