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The Global Audio Market

September 29, 2021

The Global Audio Market

Unparalleled opportunities in a world of 5.2 billion internet users.

by The New Publishing Standard
(Giacomo D’Angelo and Mark Williams)


September 29, 2021

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  1. The Global Audio Market unparalleled opportunities in a world of

    5.2 billion internet users TNPS is a StreetLib project
  2. Presentation Parameters The APA has recently looked at the US

    and Spanish language markets, and Nielsen will take a deep dive into the UK market. The TNPS focus will therefore be on the uncharted territory that is the Rest of the World. There are no firm figures for the global audio market, so this will be a picture painted in broad strokes.
  3. The USA and China lead the world's audio markets in

    cold dollar terms, each coming in at around $1.3bn-$1.5 billion at end 2020. 2020 Valuation $1.3 bn - $1.5 bn 2020 Valuation $1.3 bn - $1.5 bn Both markets have plenty of room to grow, but it is the growth in markets outside these giants that is where the real excitement lies
  4. Largest audiobook markets by volume USA This volume comparison courtesy

    of Amazon-owned Audible China India
  5. None
  6. September 2020 November 2018

  7. Amazon Audible's slide towards unlimited subscription full unlimited subscription full

    unlimited subscription optional unlimited subscription
  8. None

  10. Now operational in eight countries, with a ninth launch imminent.

  11. None
  12. Now operational in nine countries.

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  18. In 2020 Storytel announced plans to be in 40 markets

    by 2023. And by 2030? It could easily be double that. 80 markets? 100 markets? It's not so hard to imagine. Netflix is already in over 200 countries
  19. Netflix global reach Source: Netflix https://help.netflix.com/it/node/14164

  20. Global audio market valuations and projections 2020-2030 ➢ Storytel, as

    the leading global unlimited subscription platform ➢ Bookwire, as the leading audiobook distributor in the Spanish language markets ➢ TNPS, as the only English-language trade journal actively tracking the truly global digital book markets
  21. Storytel 2020 assessment: $ 4.8 bn audiobooks Bookwire - Dosdoce

    2020 assessment: Audiobooks $5 bn. Podcasts $1.3 bn TNPS 2020 assessment: Audiobooks $5.3 bn. Podcasts $1.5 bn Global audio market valuations 2020
  22. Global audio market projections 2030 Storytel 2030 audiobooks projection: $19.8

    bn Bookwire-Dosdoce 2030 projections: Audiobooks $20 bn. Podcasts $8 bn Bookwire audio market projection 2030: $28 bn TNPS 2030 projections: Audiobooks $25 bn. Podcasts $12 bn TNPS audio market projection 2030: $37 bn
  23. In 2011 there were 2 billion people online worldwide. Today

    it is 5.2 billion. By 2030 it will be 7.5 billion.
  24. In 2020 the USA has just 6% of the world's

    internet users The World’s Internet Users 2020 The World’s Internet Users 2030
  25. Other factors expanding the global audio market Existing platforms in

    new markets. New platforms in new markets. Audio moving to hybrid platforms (as with Spotify). Affordability unlimited subscription provides. Reduced production costs. AI audio production. The global non-reader market.
  26. About us MARK WILLIAMS Editor-in-Chief at TheNewPublishingStandard.com (mark.williams@streetlib.com) Mark Williams

    is an author and publishing industry commentator observing the global book markets from the detached tranquility of The Gambia, West Africa, and since 2017 Editor-in-Chief of the mostly-daily publishing industry journal The New Publishing Standard. GIACOMO D'ANGELO CEO at StreetLib.com (giac@streetlib.com) At StreetLib, Giacomo drives the company's strategy and international expansion with a global outlook and a special focus on the emerging markets. Giacomo combines a passion for the Internet technologies with his love for books as the best tool for improving human potential. The New Publishing Standard (TNPS) is a daily newsletter and website offering analysis of global publishing with focus on digital and new business models. The initiative has proven to be a relevant source of news to the market. TNPS is a StreetLib project. By offering cutting-edge digital distribution and publishing services across catalog and metadata management, intelligent storage, digital production, business intelligence, online marketing and royalties management, StreetLib enables Publishers and Creators to control their digital supply chains and revenue streams.
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