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Artificial Intelligence - A Disruptive Technology or Technology to Embrace?

February 27, 2022

Artificial Intelligence - A Disruptive Technology or Technology to Embrace?

We start 2022 with more than 5 billion people online globally, 94% of them outside the USA, and by definition every one of them is using a device that could be downloading or streaming digital audio.

Yet even the largest publishers struggle to get all their frontlist titles into audio format, and the backlist is largely untouched, while many smaller publishers and indie authors forego audio altogether, because of the costs, time and technical challenges audio production involves.

Thanks to AI-audio companies like DeepZen, Speechki and Pozotron these barriers are crumbling.

AI offers global publishing unparalleled opportunities barely imaginable ten years ago, not just to reach new audiences but to tap into unprecedented new revenue streams.


February 27, 2022

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  1. Global audio market forecast to reach more than $40 billion

    by 2030 Storytel 2030 audiobooks projection: $19.8 bn Bookwire-Dosdoce 2030 audio market projections: $28 bn (Audiobooks $20 bn + Podcasts $8 bn) TNPS 2030 audio market projections: $37 bn (Audiobooks $25 bn + Podcasts $12 bn)
  2. There are caveats to that. The change of direction at

    Storytel this month means we need to revise that forecast downwards.
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