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Building Realtime Javascript Apps with PubNub

Building Realtime Javascript Apps with PubNub

A talk for KTH Royal Institute of Technology students.

This talk covers high-level overview of PubNub, and JavaScript APIs focusing on location-aware services and prototyping IoT. It also covers EON.js for mapping, and PubNub's new service, BLOCKS sneak preview.

Tomomi Imura

April 08, 2016

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  1. @girlie_mac Who am I? • Sr. Dev Evangelist at PubNub

    • Front-End Engineer • Open Web + Tech Advocate • former W3C member • worked at Yahoo! Mobile, Palm, Nokia, etc. • Cat lady of InterWeb Halla
  2. @girlie_mac What is PubNub? • Globally distributed Realtime Data Stream

    Network (DSN) • Easy-to-use pub/sub APIs • Supported on 70+ SDKs • More reliable & far less costly than DIY
  3. @girlie_mac vs. Streaming Media Listening/watching “real-time” • Music • Videos

    • Live webcasts There is no file to download, just a continuous stream of data!
  4. @girlie_mac Streaming Data No media, just data! • Small data

    (no buffering!) • Publishing/Subscribing in true realtime (low latency!) • Broadcast, unicast, multiplex
  5. @girlie_mac CDN vs. DSN Content Delivery & Data Stream Networks

    are similar: • Deliver contents (or data) to a user based on the geographic locations • Copy contents (or data) to network at diff locations • Provide protection for large traffic surges Difference: Static contents vs. realtime data (“Data in Motion”)
  6. @girlie_mac PubNub Features Pub/Sub Presence Storage & Playback Stream Controller

    Push Notifications Analytics Access Management Security BLOCKS
  7. @girlie_mac PubNub Use-Cases ◼ Chat ◼ Multi-player games ◼ Vehicle

    location tracking ◼ Financial data ◼ Collaborative dev tools ◼ IoT, Home automation
  8. @girlie_mac PubNub Use-Cases: Who uses? ◼ Chat (Periscope) ◼ Multi-player

    games (DeNA, PocketGems) ◼ Vehicle location tracking (Lyft, GetTaxi) ◼ Financial data (TD Ameritrade, SAP) ◼ Collaborative dev tools (Balsamiq, CodePen) ◼ IoT, Home automation (Insteon, Logitech)
  9. @girlie_mac These hearts too! The messages are sent/received via yours

    truly, PubNub! Presence (= How many users online now?)
  10. @girlie_mac JavaScript SDK Install from CDN <script src="//cdn.pubnub.com/pubnub-[version number].js"> </script>

    Node.js $ npm install pubnub See: pubnub.com/docs/web-javascript/ pubnub-javascript-sdk
  11. @girlie_mac Initialization Init() creates an instance of the PUBNUB object

    for invoking PubNub operations var pubnub = PUBNUB.init({ subscribe_key: 'sub-c-f762fb78-...', publish_key: 'pub-c-156a6d5f-...', ... }); There are optional params like, uuid & restore, etc.
  12. @girlie_mac Publish publish() is used to send messages to all

    subscribers of a channel pubnub.publish({ channel: 'my-chat-room', message: { sender: 'NyanCat', text: 'Hello, world!' } }); JavaScript Obj or JSON All subscribers of ‘my- chat-room’ will receive the messages within ¼ seconds!
  13. @girlie_mac Subscribe subscribe() causes the client to create an open

    TCP socket and begin listening for messages on a channel pubnub.subscribe({ channel: 'my-chat-room', callback: function(m){ console.log(m) }, error: function(e){ console.log(e) }, ... }); All messages published on the channel will be received in the function There are some more optional params too
  14. @girlie_mac More JavaScript APIs • Presence • Storage & Playback

    (History API) • Security …and more https://www.pubnub.com/docs/web- javascript/pubnub-javascript-sdk
  15. @girlie_mac Sending Data from browser var pubnub = PUBNUB.init({ subscribe_key:

    'sub-c-...', publish_key: 'pub-c-...' }); function lightOn() { pubnub.publish({ channel: 'arduino-led', message: {light: true}, callback: function(m) {console.log(m);}, error: function(err) {console.log(err);} }); } document.querySelector('button') .addEventListener('click', lightOn); button click
  16. @girlie_mac Receiving Data on Arduino var pubnub = require('pubnub').init({ subscribe_key:

    'sub-c-...', publish_key: 'pub-c-...' }); pubnub.subscribe({ channel: 'arduino-led', callback: function(m) { if(m.blink) { // blink LED w/ Johnny-Five } } }); var five = require('johnny-five'); var board = new five.Board(); board.on('ready', function() { var led = new five.Led(13); led.blink(500); }); http://johnny-five.io/
  17. @girlie_mac Sending Data from browser redInput.addEventListener('change', function(e){ publishUpdate({color: 'red', brightness:

    +this.value}); }, false); function publishUpdate(data) { pubnub.publish({ channel: 'hue', message: data }); } Send the color value to PubNub to tell the Arduino to reflect the change! As change event is fired, the value is changed! Publish the new value!
  18. @girlie_mac Receiving Data & Change LED Color pubnub.subscribe({ channel: 'hue',

    callback: function(m) { if(led) { r = (m.color === 'red') ? m.brightness : r; g = (m.color === 'green') ? m.brightness : g; b = (m.color === 'blue') ? m.brightness : b; led.color({red: r, blue: b, green: g}); } } }); to the physical pins that connect to LED anodes
  19. @girlie_mac HTML5 Geolocation The W3C geolocation API allows the user

    to provide their location if ('geolocation' in navigator) { navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition(function(position) { lat = position.coords.latitude; lon = position.coords.longitude; }); }
  20. @girlie_mac Stalking with PubNub! Publishing the current location to PubNub

    pubnub.publish({ channel: 'dispatch', message: { user_id: 'tomomi', lat: lat, lon: lon } });
  21. @girlie_mac Receiving the Geo Data Use subscribe() to dispatch the

    data pubnub.subscribe({ channel: 'dispatch', callback: function(m){ console.log(m) }, error: function(e){ console.log(e) } }); All subscribers receive the geolocation data you published: {user_id: 'Tomomi', lat: 37.78, lon: -122.40}
  22. @girlie_mac Geohashing • latitude/longitude geocode system • subdivides space into

    buckets of grid shape • geographical unique identifier • quick proximity search index
  23. @girlie_mac Geohashing User Proximity PubNub HQ: 725 Folsom St. San

    Francisco, California USA Geohash grid = 37-123 lat: 37.783644599999995, lon: -122.39924130000001
  24. @girlie_mac Realtime Mapping with EON.js Alternative to just subscribing the

    data, you can plot the geo data easily with EON. This framework lets you create: 1. Realtime charts and graphs 2. Realtime maps pubnub.com/developers/eon
  25. @girlie_mac Getting Started with EON <script type="text/javascript" src="//pubnub.github. io/eon/v/eon/0.0.9/eon.js"></script> <link

    type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="//pubnub. github.io/eon/v/eon/0.0.9/eon.css" /> ... <div id="map"></div>
  26. @girlie_mac Publishing Geo Data to EON var pubnub = PUBNUB.init({

    // init with your pub/sub keys }); pubnub.publish({ channel: 'eon-map', message: { 'lat': 37.783, 'lat': -122.399 }, }); Publish the coords as the target object moves, or in certain interval of your choice (e.g. every 1000ms)
  27. @girlie_mac Mapping the Published Coords var pubnub = PUBNUB.init({ subscribe_key:

    'sub-c-cc7e207a-d...', }); eon.map({ id: 'map', mb_token: 'pk.eyJ1IjoiaWFuamVub...', mb_id: 'your_mb_id...', channel: 'eon-map', pubnub: pubnub ... Your Mapbox token and ID. Sign up & get them from https://mapbox.com/projects DOM id in your HTML. e.g. <div id=”map”>
  28. @girlie_mac Mapping the Published Coords eon.map({ id: 'map', mb_token: 'pk.eyJ1IjoiaWFuamVub...',

    mb_id: 'your_mb_id...', channel: 'eon-map', pubnub: pubnub, transform: function(m) { return { eon { latlng: [m.lat, m.lon] } } } }); Transform your raw data into the schema that EON understands
  29. @girlie_mac Learn More About EON Docs and Examples: https://www.pubnub.com/developers/eon Visualizing

    Arduino sensor data with EON (Tutorial on Tuts+): http://goo.gl/DYiwUH
  30. @girlie_mac BLOCKS (Preview) Microservices that tap into the PubNub Data

    Stream Network • Build your own or • Use pre-built BLOCKS
  31. @girlie_mac BLOCKS Chat Use-Cases • Routing - trigger SMS when

    a user is offline • Augmentation - inject Gravatar • Filtering - remove/replace profanity • Transforming - language translation • Aggregating - detect abnormal message rate & report the spammer ID
  32. @girlie_mac BLOCKS IoT Use-Cases • Routing - fork important log

    to other service • Augmentation - inject lat/lon from location API • Filtering - blacklist device IDs • Transforming - dynamic removal of confidential / unnecessary data • Aggregating - derive min/max temperature
  33. @girlie_mac Video Resources • PubNub on Vimeo vimeo.com/pubnub • PubNub

    JavaScript SDK Training vimeo.com/133694375 • EON Webinar vimeo.com/146177694