[WaffleJS] KittyCam: Smile, you're on camera!

[WaffleJS] KittyCam: Smile, you're on camera!

This is my fun little project I did in my free time, called KittyCam - Raspberry camera with cat facial detection!

I used Raspberry Pi 2, with a camera module and PIR sensor to detect motion- so every time it detects motion, the software triggers the camera to take photos, then it does some image-processing-

If cats are detected in the image, the photo is sent to a cloud storage, at the same time, publishing the data, which is timestamp then the url, to PubNub data stream network. I also have a separated web page that subscribes the data that sent from Raspberry Pi, so that I can view the updated photos on website anywhere realtime.


Tomomi Imura

June 02, 2016