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[WaffleJS] KittyCam: Smile, you're on camera!

[WaffleJS] KittyCam: Smile, you're on camera!

This is my fun little project I did in my free time, called KittyCam - Raspberry camera with cat facial detection!

I used Raspberry Pi 2, with a camera module and PIR sensor to detect motion- so every time it detects motion, the software triggers the camera to take photos, then it does some image-processing-

If cats are detected in the image, the photo is sent to a cloud storage, at the same time, publishing the data, which is timestamp then the url, to PubNub data stream network. I also have a separated web page that subscribes the data that sent from Raspberry Pi, so that I can view the updated photos on website anywhere realtime.

Tomomi Imura

June 02, 2016

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  1. @girlie_mac Tomomi (@girlie_mac) is a: • Front-End Engineer • Open

    Web + Tech Advocate • N00b Hardware Hacker • Sr. Developer Evangelist at PubNub
  2. @girlie_mac KittyCam Camera app w/a motion sensor & cat facial

    detection Hardware: Raspberry Pi, camera module, and PIR sensor Software: Node.js + Open-source goodies
  3. @girlie_mac 1. Raspberry Pi 2 (with WiFi adapter) 2. 5MP

    Camera Board Module 3. Pyroelectric Infrared (PIR) motion sensor 4. Female/Female wires
  4. @girlie_mac kittyCam.js 1. Detect motion 2. Take photos 3. Cat

    facial detection 4. Store the photos 5. Real-time view on web
  5. @girlie_mac kittyCam.js 1. Detect motion (Johnny-Five IR.Motion obj) 2. Take

    photos (Raspistill, command line tool) 3. Cat facial detection (KittyDar) 4. Store the photos in Cloudinary 5. Publish the url data to PubNub network & subscribe them real-time to display on web
  6. @girlie_mac canvas catDetect.js app.js kittyDar Motion detected take a photo

    Store the photo if cats are detected display photos on web browsers real- time anywhere Johnny-Five w/ raspi-io child process Publish (the photo url) Subscribe
  7. @girlie_mac Thank you! @girlie_mac github.com/girliemac girliemac.com speakerdeck.com/girlie_mac Yes, I do

    feel pretty dumb using an underscore in my handle name in the first place...