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Orchestrating the Blockchain Using Containers

Orchestrating the Blockchain Using Containers

Talk given at ContainerCon Europe in Berlin, Germany in October 2016

Andrew Kennedy

October 05, 2016

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  1. Orchestrating the Blockchain with Containers Cloudsoft Clocker 2.0 and Hyperledger

    Andrew Kennedy ContainerCon Europe, October 2016
  2. Agenda Clocker 2.0 and Cloudsoft AMP • Application Management •

    Docker Swarm and Kubernetes • Container Management Hyperledger and Blockchain • Blockchain Introduction • Hyperledger • Demo @grkvlt
  3. Cloudsoft AMP @grkvlt

  4. Problem Solving Large and Complex Ecosystem Fast-moving Updates Complex Deployments

    Inconsistent Documentation Lack of Runtime Management @grkvlt

    Capture Best Practices Dynamic Live Model Maintain SLAs My Model Apache Tomcat MySQL Load Balancer @grkvlt
  6. AMP – Infrastructure Agnostic Physical Virtual Local – Private -

    Dedicated Public @grkvlt
  7. Application Management Runtime management of deployed applications. Policies use application-specific

    metrics such as latency or transactions per second, averaged across groups of services to give meaningful results. Operations like scaling, failover and service monitoring can be added to any application blueprint using these policies. @grkvlt
  8. Enterprise Problem Solving Need reliable cloud-native application patterns to be

    competitive Management is tied to infra layer with manual or missing processes for applications and services, causing risk and hindering adoption Increasingly diverse platforms & infrastructure mean applications are hard to track, increasing the cost & risk of digital transformation @grkvlt
  9. Container Services Deploy and manage Docker Swarm clusters and Kubernetes

    clusters. Production-ready infrastructure with TLS, high-availability and extensions like Flannel, Calico and Canal for networking. Can also connect to existing infrastructure provisioned and managed externally, by specifying appropriate API endpoints. Containerize applications by simply deploying blueprints to container-aware locations or build hybrid applications from virtual machines, containers and pods. @grkvlt
  10. Clocker 2.0 @grkvlt

  11. Clocker 2.0 Series of open-source blueprints for Swarm and Kubernetes.

    Simplifies creation of managed deployments, ready for immediate deployment of containerized applications. Reusable component library to enable creation of applications incorporating Docker and Kubernetes. With Cloudsoft AMP allows seamless deployment to these infrastructures. @grkvlt
  12. Docker Swarm Blueprint services: - type: docker-swarm id: swarm name:

    "swarm" brooklyn.config: start.timeout: 30m swarm.initial.size: 8 swarm.max.size: 16 swarm.manager.size: 3 etcd.initial.size: 3 swarm.defaultnetwork: "swarm" swarm.scaling.cpu.limit: 0.80 swarm.strategy: "binpack" swarm.overcommit: 0.50 @grkvlt
  13. Swarm Architecture @grkvlt

  14. None
  15. Kubernetes Blueprint services: - type: kubernetes-cluster-application id: kubernetes name: "kubernetes"

    brooklyn.config: kubernetes.debug: true kubernetes.version: 1.4.0 start.timeout: 30m kubernetes.master.size: 2 kubernetes.initial.size: 4 kubernetes.max.size: 16 etcd.initial.size: 3 kubernetes.scaling.cpu.limit: 0.95 flannel.network: @grkvlt
  16. Kubernetes Architecture @grkvlt

  17. Kubernetes Pod Blueprint location: kubernetes: endpoint: "" services: - type:

    io.cloudsoft.amp.container.kubernetes.entity.KubernetesPod brooklyn.children: - type: io.cloudsoft.amp.containerservice.dockercontainer.DockerContainer id: wordpress-mysql name: MySQL brooklyn.config: docker.container.imageName: mysql:5.6 docker.container.inboundPorts: [ "3306" ] env: { MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD: "password" } provisioning.properties: kubernetes.deployment: wordpress-mysql - type: io.cloudsoft.amp.containerservice.dockercontainer.DockerContainer id: wordpress name: Wordpress brooklyn.config: docker.container.imageName: wordpress:4.4-apache docker.container.inboundPorts: [ "80" ] env: { WORDPRESS_DB_HOST: "wordpress-mysql", WORDPRESS_DB_PASSWORD: "password" } @grkvlt
  18. Kubernetes Demo @grkvlt

  19. None
  20. Hyperledger and Blockchain @grkvlt

  21. Blockchain "Blockchain is a technology for a new generation of

    transactional applications that establishes trust, accountability and transparency while streamlining business processes." Or... "Blockchain is a distributed, cryptographically secure ledger of transactions." @grkvlt
  22. Blockchain Overview @grkvlt

  23. Blockchain Overview @grkvlt

  24. Blockchain Overview @grkvlt

  25. Hyperledger Fabric The Hyperledger Project is a collaborative effort created

    to advance blockchain technology by identifying and addressing important features for a cross-industry open standard for distributed ledgers that can transform the way business transactions are conducted globally. @grkvlt
  26. Hyperledger Fabric • Open Source • Originally IBM Blockchain •

    Graduated to become first Hyperledger Foundation incubator project • Linux Foundation Collaboration @grkvlt
  27. None
  28. • Identity • Privacy • Confidentiality • Auditability Hyperledger Fabric

  29. Hyperledger Application The Hyperledger Application Fabric is a group of

    Clusters of Docker Engines spread across different regions, giving a global deployment that can be easily scaled and extended. Hyperledger components are Docker containers providing Blockchain services. @grkvlt
  30. Hyperledger Blueprint @grkvlt locations: - sjc-cloud - lon-cloud - sng-cloud

    services: - type: hyperledger-fabric name: Hyperledger Fabric Cluster brooklyn.config: hyperledger.peers.per.location: 4 hyperledger.app.timeout: 200 ...
  31. Hyperledger Application We will demonstrate an asset management chaincode application

    that spins up a non-validating peer in a Docker container, deploys the chaincode onto the validating peer cluster and then performs the following transactions: 1. Assigns an asset to Alice 2. Transfers to Bob and verifies ownership 3. Transfers to Charlie and verifies ownership 4. Transfers to Dave and verifies ownership @grkvlt
  32. Hyperledger Demo @grkvlt

  33. AMP 4 Velocity @grkvlt Consistency Control Grow effortlessly and Scale

    and dynamically with workloads Common management tooling across all applications from pets to cattle Agnostic so you can combine bare metal, virtual machines and containers Simple and consistent management view of applications
  34. Resources http://www.cloudsoft.io/ondemand-distributed-hyperledger-fabric-cluster-with-cloudsoft-amp http://www.cloudsoft.io/blog/open-source-container-blueprints https://www.hyperledger.org/ https://github.com/cloudsoft/brooklyn-hyperledger/ https://github.com/brooklyncentral/clocker/ http://clocker.io/ @grkvlt

  35. Questions? http://clocker.io/