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Building a Blockchain Platform with Hyperledger Sawtooth and Seth

Building a Blockchain Platform with Hyperledger Sawtooth and Seth

Learn about the Hyperledger Sawtooth blockchain platform and how to use Apache Brooklyn to deploy and manage a Sawtooth blockchain with Seth EVM smart contract transaction processors.

Andrew Kennedy

November 21, 2018

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  1. Building a Blockchain Platform Using Hyperledger Sawtooth and Seth Blockchain

    Technology Conference Andrew Donald Kennedy November 2018
  2. Andrew Kennedy Distributed Systems Hacker Cloudsoft Corporation Engineer Open Source

    Contributor Apache Brooklyn Hyperledger Sawtooth Hyperledger Technical Ambassador @grkvlt
  3. Blockchain Exciting, buzzword-compliant Alternative to databases! Details are a whole

    other talk... Lots of interest in Bitcoin and Ethereum Private blockchains as an alternative Any questions now? @grkvlt
  4. Blockchain allows multiple different parties to securely interact with the

    same universal source of truth Streamlined settlement, improved liquidity, increased transparency and new products/markets Finance Unite disparate processes, increase data flow and liquidity, reduce costs and improve patient experience and outcomes Healthcare Track parts and service provenance, ensure authenticity of goods, block counterfeits, reduce conflicts Supply Chain Shared Ledger Database @grkvlt
  5. Hyperledger Another part of the Linux Foundation Various Blockchain implementations

    Open source code from IBM and Intel Fabric, Sawtooth, Burrow @grkvlt
  6. 8 Together with the global technology community, The Linux Foundation®

    is solving the world’s hardest problems through open source and creating the largest shared technology investment in history. With 16 years experience providing governance structure, IT infrastructure and ecosystem development, The Linux Foundation is the umbrella organization for more than 50 open source projects accelerating open technology development and commercial adoption. Some of the game-changing initiatives hosted by The Linux Foundation include: Linux Foundation @grkvlt
  7. Where open source teams build diverse approaches for business blockchain

    technology systems Provide neutral, open, & community- driven infrastructures supported by technical and business governance Build technical communities to develop blockchain and shared ledger POCs, use cases, field trials and deployments Educate the public about the market opportunity for blockchain technology Promote our community of communities taking a toolkit approach with many platforms and frameworks Create enterprise grade, open source, distributed ledger frameworks & code bases to support business transactions Hyperledger Goals @grkvlt
  8. Sawtooth Originally Intel Blockchain Donated to Hyperledger as Sawtooth Pluggable

    consensus mechanism Various different transaction families @grkvlt
  9. Sawtooth PoET PoET consensus mechanism Proof of Elapsed Time Uses

    Skylake SGX secure enclave feature No burning the energy equivalent of a small country @grkvlt
  10. Ethereum Public and open EVM specification Reference implementation as Ethereum

    Solidity code for Smart Contracts Execute logic to determine if transaction is accepted Also ERC-20 standard for tokens/coins @grkvlt
  11. Sawtooth Seth Smart Contract Code Written in Solidity Compiled to

    EVM Executed by calling RPC Endpoint Resulting blocks written to chain @grkvlt
  12. Docker Compose Simple prototyping on a single machine Compose YAML

    files supplied in Sawtooth repository Use these to build Docker images Deploy quickly to single machine for testing @grkvlt
  13. Docker Custom deployment with Docker Docker with networking Just add

    SDN driver and Data Store Kubernetes available soon…? @grkvlt
  14. Dockerfile Issues with Sawtooth Docker images Designed for development Need

    GitHub repository mounted as volume Huge images, multi Gigabyte Broken builds and repository code in flux Create new Dockerfiles for extra images needed @grkvlt
  15. Apache Brooklyn Cloud Orchestration Define and Manage Applications Scale and

    Shrink On Demand Policies for Actions Autonomic Computing Sensors and Effectors @grkvlt
  16. Apache Brooklyn Orchestrate Docker across multiple VMs Same functionality as

    Compose, almost Define containers and their relationships Inject various bits of configuration Easier than building a lot more custom Docker images Allows simple scaling, but see Swarm and services Eventually want to use more features like policies @grkvlt