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Blockchain Unleashed: Potential Far Beyond Bitcoin

August 23, 2017

Blockchain Unleashed: Potential Far Beyond Bitcoin


August 23, 2017

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  1. BlockChain Unleashed:
    Potential Far Beyond BitCoin

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  2. About Me
    CTO, ROCeteer
    Early Employee at Evernote & Spirit Airlines
    International Executive Coach, Advisor, TEDx
    Speaker, Presenter and Author
    Coach, Mentor and Advisor for Universities,
    Entrepreneurial Ecosystems, Incubators and
    2016 Top Writer, Quora
    2015 & 2016 Mentor/Coach and Female Executive of
    the Year

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  3. What is Blockchain?
    Blockchain is the technology underpinning Bitcoin.
    It is a shared, cryptographically protected digital
    database that allows transactions to be recorded and
    verified electronically over a network of computers
    without a central ledger.
    Because the information in a blockchain is stored in a
    public, decentralized place, it is accessible and can be
    audited—and therefore it can be tracked for the
    purposes of preventing money-laundering or fraud.

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  4. Investment Outlook
    “I think Bitcoin startups need to be extremely
    practical . . . You [have] to get the customers.
    Otherwise, it’s going to be just like virtual reality —
    Virtual reality, fifteen years ago, was really hot. Then,
    it disappeared after the dotcom crash…
    If there is a correction, Bitcoin will get blown out —
    unless you start making something people want — and
    then it might be another fifteen years before Bitcoin
    comes back, just like virtual reality.” – Terrence
    Yang, Yang Ventures

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  5. Future Focus
    “Blockchain will become [the] beating
    heart of the global financial
    system…Similar to any technological
    innovation, blockchain comes with a set of
    risks that must be considered,… These
    include errors in the design, malicious
    autonomous behaviour as a consequence of
    human decisions, and potential gaps in
    security across all inputs and outputs.
    Challenges such as these must be overcome
    if the economic and social benefits of
    blockchain are to be realized.”
    – World Economic Forum

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  6. ...the ability to Transcend Awesome awaits :)
    [email protected]
    Do not forget...

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