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Growth Hacking 101

January 30, 2018

Growth Hacking 101

From Community Engineering to Guerrilla Marketing, today's most successful Growth Hackers take a page from strategies of the past.

Learn how Growth Hacking got its start, what it means and get some real-world tips on how you can apply these methods to any type of business.


January 30, 2018

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  1. About Me CTO, TWIP & ROCeteer 20+ Years Customer Experience

    Design Advisory Board Chair, UNLV Engineering Early Employee Evernote & Spirit Airlines 2015 Female Executive of the Year 2015 & 2016 Mentor/Coach of the Year Columnist for Inc, Forbes & Tech.co
  2. Growth Hacking is focusing on understanding your users and how

    they discover and adopt your products. Josh Elman
  3. Buzz Marketing Stages • Buzz marketing difficult during inoculation stage

    • Must use brand ambassadors or customer evangelists • True customer-generated buzz occurs after awareness • Awareness generated through traditional advertising Inoculation Incubation Infection
  4. Goal is to increase brand awareness and liking • Placements

    work best when logical fit • Negative/positive scene impacts reaction • Increase in placement budgets § Perception of what others think is important to consumers § Provides postpurchase reassurance
  5. Brand woven into the storyline Use increased sharply with reality

    shows Also found in novels, plays, songs, and movies
  6. • Demonstration of Brand loyalty, devotion • Symbolic meaning •

    Interactions between brand and consumer • Shared values and experiences • Cannot be created by brands itself • Marketing can enhance community experience
  7. • Agent or advocate for a new brand –Apple, Sony,

    HP, etc. • Brand ambassadors or customer evangelists •Individuals who already like brand •Offer incentives in exchange for advocacy •Selection based on: •Devotion to brand •Low-cost marketing events
  8. Q&A