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Choice is Overrated - Designing Products that Choose for You

June 05, 2018

Choice is Overrated - Designing Products that Choose for You

According to CEO Aaron Shapiro, the next big breakthrough in design and technology will be the creation of products, services, and experiences that eliminate the needless choices from our lives and make ones on our behalf, freeing us up for the ones we really care about: “Anticipatory design”. Rather than traditional UI/UX, where the tendency is to provide options in a participatory manner to determine a result, here you remove all choices from the user, and use predictive modeling to give an outcome to liberate them from so-called “decision fatigue".

“Flow not friction,” “convenience not choice,” and “efficiency not freedom” are the mantras of anticipatory design.

In this talk, we’ll explore some implementations of anticipatory design, discuss areas where it is done well, and issues with the overall movement.


June 05, 2018

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  1. Choice is Overrated
    Designing Products That Know What You Want Before You Do
    Heather Wilde, CTO
    @heathriel #prdc18wpg

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  3. About Me
    CTO, TWIP & ROCeteer
    20+ Years Customer Experience Design
    Advisory Board Chair, UNLV Engineering
    Early Employee Evernote & Spirit Airlines
    2015 Female Executive of the Year
    2015/2016 Mentor/Coach of the Year
    2016/2017 Top Writer, Quora
    Columnist for Inc, Forbes & Tech.co

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    2.5 Quintillion
    Bytes of Data Produced Every Day

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    Imagine Your Business As A Service

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    Create Digital Access To Your Service

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    Find Ways to Automate Service Delivery

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    Launch an Automated Service

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    Learn What Your Users Can Live Without

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    Analyze Your Data to Improve the Experience

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    Always Aim to Simplify Tasks For Users

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    Each Interaction Should Add Value

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    Pre-Populate Forms, Whenever Possible

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  55. Integrity is the essence of everything
    R. Buckminster Fuller

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  56. Recommendation APIs
    IOT kits
    NLP / Speech / Image
    Customer Insights

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  57. Q&A

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  58. I ! Feedback
    [email protected]

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