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Collaboration of Geospatial Information Communities through the UN Open GIS Initiative

Collaboration of Geospatial Information Communities through the UN Open GIS Initiative

A keynote presentation for FOSS4G Asia 2018


December 03, 2018

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  1. Collaboration of Geospatial Information Communities through the UN Open GIS

    Initiative Hidenori Fujimura UN Geospatial Information Section Lead UN Vector Tile Toolkit, UN Open GIS Initiative Spiral 4 2018-12-03T09:30/ 25 min. + 5 min. QA FOSS4G Asia 2018 @ University of Moratuwa 1
  2. 2 UN Geospatial Information Services Supporting all UN mandates such

    as Peacekeeping Operations by Geospatial Information Technology Under-Secretary-General Atul Khare Division Director Anthony O’Mullane Section Chief Kyoung-Soo Eom Source: Twitter Leadership:
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  5. The idea behind the UN Vector Tile Toolkit 7 Open

    Source is a best way to make our basemaps as good as dominant web map platforms, using the vector tile technology.
  6. UN Vector Tile Toolkit Objective To facilitate the production of

    vector tiles for basemaps by public organizations. Structure Import Produce Host Style Optimize Existing datasource e.g. PostGIS, Shapefile, GeoJSON Tippecanoe Maputnik Interoperable with both Open Source and other frameworks. Tailor-made Node.js scripts Openly maintained on GitHub. Maximum use of existing OSS while adding tailor-made scripts shared openly. vt-optimizer 8
  7. 9 Technical details Import data and assign layer names and

    zoom levels. Custom open source scripts. Create vector tile packages in mbtiles format. Tippecanoe Host modular vector tile packages in a simple and scalable manner. Custom open source scripts. Style hosted vector tiles. Maputnik Enhance the optimization of the size of individual vector tiles by visualizing them. vt-optimizer and other custom open source scripts. Import Produce Host Style Optimize
  8. 10 The UN Vector Tile Toolkit is a collection of

    tools, rather than a monolithic DB/Server suite. Because: ü Inputs are diverse. ü Depolyment environments are diverse. Flexibility is the core value. And sometimes the server shall be isolated from the master database (for security and scarability).
  9. Geospatial Information Authority of Japan 12 Prototype a vector tile

    service with the UN Vector Tile Toolkit National Mapping Agency
  10. OSGeo.JP 13 Promote FOSS4G for vector tiles such as the

    UN Vector Tile Toolkit OSGeo Local Chapter
  11. OSGeo.JP Workshop for the UN Vector Tile Toolkit 14 A

    great opportunity to share the experience. OSGeo.JP Workshop 2018-12-02
  12. Version 1 released at FOSS4G Asia 2018 in Moratuwa, Sri

    Lanka https://github.com/un-vector-tile-toolkit 17
  13. Your language is a powerful tool to contribute. 20 Common

    Language Local Language Local language is good for better organizing (1) your idea (2) your local commutiy