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UNVT presentation set for Albania

UNVT presentation set for Albania



October 21, 2021

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  1. UNVT: recent progress Hidenori 2021-10-13 1

  2. UNVT: definiton a collection of Open Source Software (OSS) to

    produce, host, style and optimize vector tiles for web mapping. https://unvt.github.io Collaborators include: United Nations Geospatial Information Section / Global Service Centre, Geospatial Information Authority of Japan, PASCO, Geolonia, Mapbox, Furuhashi Laboratory - Aoyama Gakuin University, Japan Antarctic Research Expedition 63rd wintering party, etc. and ASIG. 2
  3. UNVT: principles 1. Use Open Source Software as a best

    way to collaborate. 2. Rely on UNIX as the standard foundation for web services. 3
  4. produce - Tippecanoe host - budo, nginx style - parse-hocon

    optimize - vt-optimizer UNVT Components 4
  5. produce - voxel tiles host - FTS style - charites

    optimize use - storytelling New developments 5
  6. Expansion of UNVT UNVT optgeo FTS EV 130 repos. Adopt

    Geodata 6
  7. Topography & Landform classifications https://optgeo.github.io/one-styled 7

  8. Voxel Tiles from point cloud (LAS) data https://x.optgeo.org/kid-a pow er

    line 8
  9. Expansion of UNVT UNVT optgeo FTS EV Earth Observation plus

    Vector Tiles 9
  10. JAXA HRLULC & Topography & Elevation https://optgeo.github.io/hrlulc3d512 10

  11. Expansion of UNVT UNVT optgeo FTS EV Tile Service 11

  12. FTS FTS is a tile service Tiling and hosting, free,

    as in freedom * Ghostscript Tiger is AGPL-ed. 12
  13. x.optgeo.org UNVT on Raspberry Pi Flock of Raspberry Pi in

    GSI 500GB HDD Produce Host Style Optimize 13
  14. FTS Tile Service SSH DNS Let’s Encrypt NFS HTTP/2 Tiles

    & Apps HTTP/2 HTTP Project partners in: Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition (JARE) 63rd Wintering Party Furuhashi Laboratory, Aoyama Gakuin University 14
  15. UNVT capacity building under UN Open GIS 2021-05-05: UNVT Workshop

    2021-05-12: UNVT Workshop in Japanese 2021-06/07: UNVT Exercise Materials are available to public. See next slides. 15
  16. https://speakerdeck.com/hfu/unvt- workshop-introduction-and-application 16

  17. https://speakerdeck.com/ubukawa 17

  18. Appeared in FOSS4G 2021 (2021-09) 18

  19. UNVT: produce Hidenori 2021-10-13 19

  20. produce: some advices 1. Work with small data first. You

    may need to divide the task. 2. Have time on your side. You may need to iterate. 3. Ask, if you have an issue. Collaboration is our core value. 20
  21. My recent production project: a-1 Produce vector tiles for Showa

    Station, Antarctica for Japan Antarctic Research Exploration (JARE) I am going to use charites for styling. Hopefully to be introduced in out next session. raster vector 21
  22. UNVT: style Hidenori 2021-10-15 22

  23. Our problem 1. Vector Tile styling is a new technology.

    üWe need to learn https://docs.mapbox.com/mapbox-gl-js/style-spec/. üOther existing style language such as SLD does not look good enough. 2. Base map styling is too complex. üWe can divide style description layer by layer. üCurrent solution: Use Human-Optimized COnfiguration Notation (HOCON) 23
  24. https://github.com/optgeo/durana 24

  25. https://github.com/optgeo/durana 25

  26. https://github.com/optgeo/durana 26

  27. https://github.com/optgeo/durana 27

  28. https://github.com/optgeo/durana This is what I have provided to you 8

    months ago. 28
  29. Possible questions and answers lIs there GUI for styling? 1.

    You need to pay if you want to have it. Ø GSI Maps Vector has GUI style editor made for GSI data. Ø https://maps.gsi.go.jp/vector/index.html 2. Basemap styling is too complex for GUI tools. lIs this method already established? No. We are making progress. 29
  30. https://github.com/unvt/charites • An easy, intuitive, and efficient command-line tool for

    writing vector map styles. • Transferred to the United Nations Vector Tile Toolkit just yesterday, after collaborative interaction with Geolonia, a start-up company in Tokyo, Japan. • Geolonia provides a web map produced from a mixture of GSI data, OpenStreetMap, Natual Earth, etc. 30
  31. 31

  32. Simpler syntax that reduces errors 32 JSON HOCON YAML

  33. Improvements •JSON ↓ no quotes (“) and commas (,) •HOCON

    ↓ no brackets ({} & ()) •YAML 33
  34. UNVT: host Hidenori 2021-10-21 34

  35. produce - voxel tiles host - FTS style - charites

    optimize use - storytelling New developments 35
  36. FTS FTS is a tile service Tiling and hosting, free,

    as in freedom * Ghostscript Tiger is AGPL-ed. 36
  37. FTS Tile Service SSH DNS Let’s Encrypt NFS HTTP/2 Tiles

    & Apps HTTP/2 HTTP FTS Architecture 37 Commercial Internet connection, (even) from home.
  38. Proof of Concept, running 24/[email protected] • https://x.optgeo.org/hrlulc - high resolution

    land cover • https://x.optgeo.org/a-1 - Showa Station, Antarctica • https://x.optgeo.org/kid-a - Voxel Tile ver. A • https://x.optgeo.org/kid-b - Voxel Tile ver. B • https://x.optgeo.org/kid-c - Voxel Tile ver. C • https://x.optgeo.org/bv/{z}/{x}/{y}.pbf - a copy of the topographic map vector tiles of while Japan (43 GB) • https://x.optgeo.org/et10b/(et256|et512) - elevation tiles of whole Japan 38
  39. FTS •Free Tile Service •Fast Tile Service •Flexible Tile Service

    •Fun Tile Service 39
  40. A recent problem with UNVT 1. UNVT is available to

    everyone because of its Open License. 2. However, it requires too many ICT skills. 3. What if we can provide the computing environment in a single physical package, ready to be used? 4. FTS Kit - FTS in a single physical package? 40
  41. Expansion of UNVT UNVT optgeo FTS EV 41 FTS Kit

  42. FTS Kit: concept 42 FTS Kit USB 5V

  43. My Plan •Introduce the concept of FTS and FTS Kit

    in the Final Conference and Regional Conference. 43