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Continuous Integration & Deployment

Continuous Integration & Deployment

Talk given at the LIPN about the Continuous Integration and Deployment

Jaime Arias Almeida

December 02, 2020

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  1. OVERVIEW CONTINUOUS INTEGRATION At every push, run a set of

    scripts to build, test, and validate the code changes. CONTINUOUS DELIVERY Extension of CI to automate the release process. Deploy the application can be done at any point of time by clicking on a button. CONTINUOUS DEPLOYMENT It goes one step further than continuous delivery. Every change that passes all stages of the production pipeline is released to the customers. It does not require human intervention at all. 2 CI CD CD
  2. Q: Is the latest version deployed? A: I deployed animated

    gif support to production. Q: So animated gif support is released? A: The animated gif release is deployed. Q: ... 3
  3. • Add a file at the root path of the

    repository. • Define the scripts you want to run in the file. • Once you push your commits, Gitlab detects the file and run the scripts with the tool called . • Enable the Gitlab Runners in the project. Gitlab CI/CD Pipeline 6
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