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Domain Storytelling in Practice [ENG]

B7a8524f73d760a4e2e403e43c6f0c70?s=47 Stefan Hofer
October 18, 2019

Domain Storytelling in Practice [ENG]

Hands-on at KanDDDinsky 2019.

You bring stories from your domain; we help you to get new insights by modeling your domain stories. Why? Because to explore a domain, you need to take different perspectives. Domain Storytelling helps you to look at your domain from a new angle: How do people work together? What work objects do they use? How does software support the processes? We will introduce Domain Storytelling with an example and explain how this modeling technique works. Then, everyone is invited to contribute: Either you share a story from your domain, or you model (don’t worry, we will guide you) someone’s story. After the hands-on, you will have experienced Domain Storytelling in practice. You will know how and when to use it. This hands-on is right for everyone - no prior experience with DDD or Domain Storytelling required. If you are already familiar with Domain Storytelling, this is your chance to practice and get some coaching!


Stefan Hofer

October 18, 2019

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  1. Brought to you by Dorota and Stefan (@hofstef) who work

    for WPS – Workplace Solutions GmbH in Hamburg and Berlin.
  2. @hofstef @wps_de business gibberish { nerd; speek; } Domain Expert

    Software Expert
  3. @hofstef @wps_de Fach- sprache Domain Expert Software Expert

  4. @hofstef @wps_de Thanks to DDD Europe for this awesome picture

    of Henning!
  5. Fach- sprach e Why Domain Storytelling? common understanding There is

    more! • Reasoning about sub-domains and bounded contexts • Deriving domain model • Deriving requirements • Designing new processes • Facilitate change • …
  6. @hofstef @wps_de Schedule 1. See how it works (demo) 2.

    Understand how it works (talk) 3. Practice 4. Practice 5. Your choice: practice, individual coaching, real world example
  7. @hofstef @wps_de Demo: Driving passengers from gate to runway

  8. @hofstef @wps_de

  9. @hofstef @wps_de @hofstef @hschwentner Pictographic Language

  10. @hofstef @wps_de actor work object activity annotation

  11. @hofstef @wps_de gate agent transport orders

  12. @hofstef @wps_de person people system

  13. @hofstef @wps_de …orders transport at …creates new order in …prints

    reservation New order transport reservation orders prints in creates at
  14. @hofstef @wps_de The gate agent orders a transport at the

    bus dispatcher. orders transport bus dispatcher gate agent
  15. @hofstef @wps_de 1 1 1

  16. @hofstef @wps_de orders transport bus dispatcher gate agent 1 order

    creates scheduling system 2 assigns 3 bus order
  17. @hofstef @wps_de gives assignment bus driver bus dispatcher 5 assignment

    completed to 7 notifies marks as completed assignment scheduling system 8

  19. @hofstef @wps_de 3 good examples are better than 1 bad

  20. @hofstef @wps_de Draw here Leave some empty space there →

    Annotations, variations, and purpose Preconditions, assumptions, and triggers
  21. @hofstef @wps_de Workshops

  22. @hofstef @wps_de

  23. @hofstef @wps_de

  24. @hofstef @wps_de

  25. @hofstef @wps_de

  26. @hofstef @wps_de Whiteboard Kit Picture: W. Kinkeldei @wkinkeldei

  27. @hofstef @wps_de

  28. @hofstef @wps_de PowerPoint, yEd, Viso, gliphy… asks for Reservation (movie,

    time, seats) cashier customer 1 Screen plan finds available seats in CineSoft 2 seats recommends 3
  29. @hofstef @wps_de github.com/WPS/domain-story-modeler

  30. @hofstef @wps_de eBook and free sample available at: https://leanpub.com/domainstorytelling Get

    a discount using the link: http://leanpub.com/domainstorytelling/c/kddd2019
  31. @hofstef @wps_de Twitter: @hofstef @hschwentner #DomainStorytelling Slides: https://speakerdeck.com/hofstef Book: https://leanpub.com/domainstorytelling

    Slack: ddd-cqrs-es.slack.com Invite yourself: http://j.mp/ddd-es-cqrs Slack Channel: #domain-storytelling http://domainstorytelling.org The pictures used in this talk are public domain, unless noted otherwise. Screenshots and examples © WPS - Workplace Solutions GmbH