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Can you be my friend, CRuby?

Can you be my friend, CRuby?

Talk about What I'm doing to get along with CRuby.


May 19, 2023

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  1. Can you be my friend, CRuby? 2023-5-19 【Money Forward x

    Shippio】 BaySide Tech Nite @hyumanase
  2. Who I am? • Call me “Hyuma ひゅうま” ◦ Born

    in Kagoshima, Kyushu. ◦ ID: @hyumanase • Non-Engineer • Studying programming for get job, For Fun. ◦ Ruby, Rails • RubyKaigi2023 was so fun!🏯 ◦ I am Tenugui (てぬぐい) lover, Thanks Shippio-san nice giveaway!
  3. Talk theme: Can you be my friend, CRuby? ↓ What

    I'm doing to get along with CRuby
  4. Why I want to know about CRuby. Because, KAIGI EFFECT

    - Ruby Kaigi2022 Tsu(Online) - My first experience - Ruby Kaigi2023 Matsumoto(in person)
  5. What I'm doing to get along with CRuby 1. Watch

    Ruby Kaigi archives in Youtube. 2. Check “Ruby trunk changes”. 3. Make Rubyfirends(Go meetup).
  6. 2. Check “Ruby trunk changes” https://ruby-trunk-changes.hatenablog.com A diary of development

    log of CRuby. It is written daily by CRuby committer @nagachika📔
  7. 3. Make Rubyfirends(Go meetup) I like meetup because it is

    fun. Sometimes we can meet Ruby committers and Rubykaigi speakers there💎
  8. In the end: I am looking for shared residence in

    Tokyo. • House main language is English. • Creative people live there(Engineer, Designer and etc) If you have information about that, please let me know😄🏠󰏅󰞦 - contact - https://twitter.com/hyumanase - [email protected]