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Towards Open Source and Collaboration at LLNL

Ian Lee
February 18, 2016

Towards Open Source and Collaboration at LLNL

Presentation given to LLNL SoftWare Improvement Networking Group (SWING) February 2016 on status of Open Source work being performed.

Ian Lee

February 18, 2016

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  1. LLNL-PRES-683157 This work was performed under the auspices of the

    U.S. Department of Energy by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory under contract DE-AC52-07NA27344. Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC Towards Open Source and Collabora3on How Open Source Prac/ces can Benefit the Laboratory Ian Lee [email protected] SWING Meeting – February 2016
  2. LLNL-PRES-683157 2 §  The views in this talk are my

    own and do not necessarily represent those of my management §  Talking about radical* approaches to soFware development §  This talk is UNCLASSIFIED! —  Though I’m happy to talk more offline Disclaimer
  3. LLNL-PRES-683157 3 §  ATDM Workflow Project §  Atlassian Administrator § 

    LC IMGS §  PI for Open Source Development §  Open Source Developer / Evangelist Who am I?
  4. LLNL-PRES-683157 5 §  State of Open Source Development —  What

    is happening “beyond the fence” §  Open Source SoFware —  Developing and releasing soFware to the world §  Towards an Open Source Culture —  Across teams at the laboratory What are we talking about today?
  5. LLNL-PRES-683157 7 §  "Open source so;ware is so;ware whose source

    code is available for modifica5on or enhancement by anyone.” §  Crea/ng soFware that is released externally unlimited —  E.g. spack, scr, munge, magpie, flux, mfem, hypre, etc §  Open Source as a community —  Python, django, linux, bootstrap, rails, drupal What is “Open Source” (OSS)?
  6. LLNL-PRES-683157 8 §  Presiden/al Innova/on Fellows —  “abracts top innovators

    into govt to help tackle tech policy, and process” §  18F —  “Building the 21st century digital government” §  UK Government Service Design Manual —  “All new digital services from the government must meet the Digital by Default Service Standard” Open Source in Government
  7. LLNL-PRES-683157 10 §  Many version control systems —  SVN, Git,

    … §  Many hosted version control solu/ons —  GitHub (users / organiza/ons), Sourceforge, Google Code, … §  What happens when one of these disappears? —  E.g. Google Code Where were we?
  8. LLNL-PRES-683157 15 §  Many version control systems —  SVN, CVS,

    Perforce, Git, … §  Many hosted version control solu/ons —  Files on disk, TeamForge, project specific server, … §  What happens when…? —  Employee re/res? Service re/res? Hard drive melts? Where were (are) we?
  9. LLNL-PRES-683157 17 Internal Availability of SoOware 11 64 6 113

    330 91 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 MyStash CZ Stash RZ Stash Number of Projects World Readable Total
  10. LLNL-PRES-683157 20 LLNL Web Design Standards §  Common web theme

    for LLNL developers —  Allows downstream projects to inherit common look and feel
  11. LLNL-PRES-683157 21 §  How can I make my Django applica/on

    “Lab enabled” §  Plugins —  django-llnl-theme —  django-auth-llnl Case Study: Django
  12. LLNL-PRES-683157 24 python-llnl §  Toolbox of useful func/onality to use

    in Python code —  hbps://mystash.llnl.gov/projects/COSMOS/repos/python-llnl
  13. LLNL-PRES-683157 25 §  Join GitHub! —  hbps://github.com/join —  Don’t forget

    to update your profile picture §  Join the LLNL GitHub organiza/on! —  hbps://github.com/llnl —  Email [email protected] your GitHub username —  Consider making your membership public What can I do (externally)?
  14. LLNL-PRES-683157 26 §  Open up the permissions on your Stash

    projects —  Change projects or individual repo default permissions to read §  Contribute to COSMOS / LWDS projects —  django-auth-llnl, django-llnl-theme, python-llnl —  Propose a new one! §  Have ideas, sugges/ons, or want to help out? —  Email [email protected] What can I do (internally)?
  15. LLNL-PRES-683157 31 §  Why Google Stores Billions of Lines of

    Code in a Single Repository —  hbps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W71BTkUbdqE §  Ben Balter (GitHub) —  hbp://ben.balter.com/2015/11/23/why-open-source/ §  18F —  hbps://github.com/18F/open-source-policy References