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Bettakultcha June 2014 presentation: big and open data

Bettakultcha June 2014 presentation: big and open data

Five minutes. 15 seconds per slide. Trying to explain, simply, big data and open data, the differences, and why we should try to embrace them.


Si Wilson

June 12, 2014


  1. Data.! The new
 oil/gold/sliced bread?

  2. The structuring of information has always been around us.

  3. Data isn’t just stored in databases and spreadsheets.

  4. Moore’s Law, illustrated by evolving data storage formats.

  5. Now: We have “the cloud”.

  6. How would you rate Frozen?! ! Reviews: Data you choose

    to create.
  7. Mobile phones are data enablers, even passively.

  8. Big data.

  9. 18 May 2012. Facebook’s IPO.! In the listing they stated

    they stored an average of 111 megabytes of photos and videos per user.! They had 845 million users.
  10. 93,795,000,000,000 megabytes ! ! equals! 87,353.4 petabytes ! ! equals!

    0.083 zettabytes
  11. 2012
 2.8 zettabytes of data
 was generated.
 Prediction for 2015

    At least double that:
 5.6 zettabytes.! Source: IDC/MIT
  12. Open data.

  13. A piece of data is open
 if anyone is free

    to! ! ! use,! ! ! reuse, and! ! ! redistribute it.
  14. The concept of open data goes back as far as

    1957 with the establishment of the World Data Center system.! ! (This predates the existence of the internet, but not machines that can record.)
  15. Open data

  16. Privacy.

  17. Do we need all this data?

  18. Data is the past.! Data is the future.

  19. Open data ! ! plus! Big data ! ! plus!

    A need to solve and understand
  20. Large hadron collider.

  21. www.studioofthings.com