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Magic, Myth and the Devops - Cascadia IT 2015

Magic, Myth and the Devops - Cascadia IT 2015

“Once upon a time”: powerful words that begin many oral
narratives and indicate that the story to be told will be imbued
with magic and myth. Organizational folklore can be a very powerful force for instilling or perpetuating behavior, systems, and culture within an organization.

Too often, fear and negativity are the driving forces in the folklore behind many organizational traditions. A positive narrative that embraces the customs and traditions of a healthy, balanced feedback loop can help jumpstart your DevOps journey. This talk will help you frame your narrative alongside metrics and use folklore as a catalyst for positive change.

Jennifer Davis

March 14, 2015

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  1. Who am I? Automation Engineer, Chef Co-Author of "Effective Devops"

    from O'Reilly Media DevOpsDays SV Organizer 2
  2. Why this talk? • Focus on the "magic" outcome •

    Limited view of the effort to build 7
  3. High Performing devops Teams are more Agile 30X more frequent

    deployments 8000x faster lead times than peers 2014 PuppetLabs State of DevOps Survey 9
  4. High Performing devops Teams are more Reliable 2x change success

    rate 12x faster mean time to recovery (MTTR) 2014 PuppetLabs State of DevOps Survey 10
  5. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and

    expecting different results. 21
  6. 23

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  12. 29

  13. Job Req: Site Rebel Engineer (SRE) Talented team of Jedi,

    we have, gained significant traction that a business model has, and to expand a real need - - quickly! Looking for smart, we are, energetic, to grow our company at a lightening pace hard-working individuals who want a chance. This is a position that is relegated to the shadows not - your contributions -, have dramatic input on the direction the company goes, thoughts and input will. There are a variety of challenges and obstacles that await you and, excited to see how you go about solving them, are we. 32
  14. • Certified Jedi Master • 4 years lightsaber experience •

    ability to carry 80 lbs for 1 mile • X-Wing pilot license • 24 hour oncall With force push and mental persuasion - experience. To join and contribute to a team of smart - desire, talented, to create something bigger than themselves hard-working 33
  15. Borg Syndrome • no individuality • no family/outside interests •

    no celebrations • encourages system blindness 46
  16. Smarter Teams build better value • Lots of Communication •

    Contribute equally to team's discussions • Theory of Mind • Increased diversity Why Some Teams are Smarter than Others Anita Woolley and Thomas Malone 48
  17. Listen • who is involved? • what is the current

    state? • cultures? • beliefs? 53
  18. The language of the culture also reflects the stories of

    the culture. One word or simple phrasal labels often describe the story adequately enough in what we have termed culturally common stories. To some extent, the stories of a culture are observable by inspecting the vocabulary of that culture. Often entire stories are embodied in one very culture-specific word. The story words unique to a culture reveal cultural differences. Roger C. Shank 55
  19. Vision or Mission Statement Clear statement about the problem •

    direction • identity management • team cohesion 57
  20. Model I Single Loop • encourages defensive behaviors (blame) •

    Behaviors learned early on • Skilled Incompetence - Aversion to learning 61
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