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Charla en UXSPAIN - Toma de decisiones y diseño

Charla en UXSPAIN - Toma de decisiones y diseño

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Ariel Guersenzvaig

May 13, 2013

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  1. “El ser humano es adaptativo al entorno. Para llegar a

    tiempo, el decisor debe desechar información sin analizarla previamente” Herbert Simon
  2. Elegir la primera alternativa que no es claramente inferior a

    ninguna otra y que sobrepasa un umbral o criterio.
  3. “Instead of analyzing all facets of a situation, making a

    decision, and then acting, it appears that in complex realistic situations people think a little, act a little, and then evaluate the outcomes and think and act some more.” Gary Klein
  4. La utilización de claves del entorno para acceder rápidamente a

    información disponible en la memoria y producir una respuesta.
  5. “What you need to know about the problem only becomes

    apparent as you’re trying to solve it.” Richard MacCormac
  6. “ First decide what you think might be an important

    aspect of the problem, develop a crude design on this basis and then examine it to see what else you can discover about the problem.” Bryan Lawson