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Software engineer marketing done right – career tips from my experience.

Software engineer marketing done right – career tips from my experience.


Ivan Jovanovic

November 22, 2018


  1. Software engineer marketing done right Career tips from my experience

  2. Hello! I am Ivan Jovanovic Senior Software Engineer at NearForm

    You can find me at @ivanjov96 & https://ivanjov.com
  3. How many times did you struggle to find a job?

    I did a hundred times
  4. 23 million developers

  5. 1+ million open job ads

  6. But why people still struggle to find a job?

  7. Why do companies need you?

  8. Money

  9. Recruitment

  10. Recruitment process Initial interview Live interview Homework Live coding Offer

    CV check
  11. “ Recruiting is hard. It's just finding the needles in

    the haystack. You can't know enough in a one-hour interview. - Steve Jobs -
  12. Where do you fail? ! Before the interviews, on CV

    check ! At the interview ! On homework ! On live coding
  13. Why do you fail? ! You don't have enough experience

    ! Your skills don't match the job description ! You request big salary ! Company can't fulfill your requests
  14. What can you do to change that?

  15. Education

  16. Learning resources Books Online courses Conferences Blogs University Bootcamps

  17. Go out, show your skills!

  18. Our dream Initial interview Live interview Homework Live coding Offer

    CV check
  19. Be top 1% software engineer in the world

  20. None
  21. None
  22. Write blog

  23. How to start? ! Pick topics ! Buy domain and

    hosting ! Install WordPress or Ghost ! Make theme (or buy one) ! Just write!
  24. None
  25. None
  26. None
  27. None
  28. None
  29. None
  30. Talk on meetups/ conferences

  31. How to start? ! Pick topics, experiment, do some crazy

    things ! Find local meetups and contact organizers ! Learn how to write good proposal for CFP ! Don't be shy!!! ! Practice a lot!
  32. VoxxedDays Belgrade VoxxedDays Thessaloniki RollingScopes Minsk JSDay Verona DevTalks Cluj

    O'Reilly Fluent Conf OdessaJS AmsterdamJS Web Rebels Oslo Full Stack London JS Talks Sofia
  33. Contribute to Open-Source

  34. How to start? ! Open-source a solution to a problem

    that you solved ! Find a community ! Check open issues on Github ! Fix a bug, update documentation, add tests
  35. None
  36. None
  37. None
  38. None
  39. Make side project

  40. How to start? ! Solve your own problems ! Start

    small, build something that does one thing successfully ! Share on Twitter, HackerNews, Reddit etc. ! Work on SEO ! Open-source it
  41. None
  42. None
  43. None
  44. LinkedIn

  45. How to start? ! Put outstanding title ! Have a

    lot of keywords in your description ! Fill out everything, experience, education, skills, projects ! Ask for referrals
  46. Record tutorials

  47. How to start? ! Pick a topic, something that you

    already know or something you're learning now ! Find a quiet room, get a microphone and headset and record tutorial ! Make a YouTube account and share it with the world
  48. Organise event

  49. How to start? ! Select topic, programming language or a

    general tech event ! Find big organizations that can support you (VoxxedDays, JSConf, Devoxx etc.) ! Start small, experiment ! Make connections, find speakers and sponsors
  50. Conclusion ! No one will hire you if they don't

    know enough about you ! Skills are not enough, you need to show them to the world ! Learn how to market yourself and do it every day
  51. Learn every day But don't forget to share your knowledge

    and show what you learned
  52. Thanks! Any questions? You can find me at @ivanjov96 &