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Port80: Practical JavaScripting

Port80: Practical JavaScripting

This talk will focus on practical advice to improve your JavaScript. We’ll look at JavaScript optimisation, tools that do a lot of the work for you, ways to make your code more robust, manageable and how to test it. We’ll also look at the future of JavaScript, what we can expect in the near future and how these enhancements can help us write even better code.

Jack Franklin

May 10, 2013

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  1. Me! University of Bath Computer Science Student Software Developer at

    Kainos Blogger at javascriptplayground.com Talker on upfrontpodcast.com Twitterer @Jack_Franklin
  2. Free Stuff 5 Copies of "Beginning jQuery" to get rid

    of Tweet #port80jquery and I'll pick some randomly.
  3. What we're not going to talk about Do NOT let

    me do my Welsh accent we won't discuss England letting Wales beat us at rugby
  4. The Agenda Web Sites vs Web Apps Sensible JavaScript Writing

    Workflow & Tooling Don't get caught in the storm Book giveaway (Easy) Questions and (hopefully some) Answers
  5. a lot of people ignore new JS tools, methods or

    approaches because those are just for "web apps"
  6. People put a lot of thought into CSS (OOCSS, SMACSS,

    etc) (and this is a good thing) But does the same happen with the JavaScript?
  7. Too often people treat JavaScript like a black box of

    magic and throw everything into one file
  8. the better you know JavaScript, the better you know jQuery

    Would you write SCSS without knowing CSS?
  9. regular JS isn't that bad. Make an effort to improve

    your JS knowledge you can still use jQuery. Knowing JS means you'll use it better and appreciate it more learn.jquery.com
  10. there are a lot of times when you think your

    solution is too basic to require any additional libraries / tools but any chance you get to make your life easier is worth taking
  11. don't worry about using the newest of the new tools

    if you do this, you'll never get any work done
  12. sure, when something new pops up, give it a quick

    look people (like me) will blog about them
  13. find a workflow, set of tools and some of your

    favourite libraries that work for you stick with them
  14. Something takes you 5 minutes to do You spend an

    hour setting up that tool which makes that 5 minute thing a 1 minute thing everytime you do it you now save 4 minutes do that thing 15 times = your hour back
  15. take time to improve and perfect your workflow mundane but

    important tasks should be effortless
  16. Books! I'm going to give 3 out now randomly via

    Twitter Which means I'll have 2 left. At the after party, come and find me and tell me your best joke. If I like it, you can have a copy. If I don't, you get to buy me a drink.* * not really. Twitter Draw