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Keyboard shortcuts

Janos Gyerik
February 09, 2017

Keyboard shortcuts

Accelerate your productive and unproductive activities

Janos Gyerik

February 09, 2017

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  1. Hand on mouse? See the pointer? See the target? Move

    hand on mouse Move the mouse until eyes catch the movement Scan the screen for clues... Move sharply toward target Slow down near target Click Victory Press shortcut Remember shortcut?
  2. Especially bad when - The target to click is far

    away - The target to click is very small - The UI of app X has changed - It’s not your mouse or PC
  3. What’s wrong with the mouse? - Slow - Find pointer,

    find target, move pointer, click - Complex - Requires high-precision operations and focus - Not the keyboard - Hands are on the keyboard most of the time
  4. Gmail - Arrows - j k -> previous, next conversation

    - p n -> previous, next message in a conversation - g i -> go to inbox - g s -> go to starred messages - * u -> select unread messages - Shift i -> mark selected messages read
  5. Websites -> ? - Gmail - GitHub - Stack Exchange

    (edit profile -> preferences) - sonarqube.com
  6. Browser tabs -> Alt num - Alt 1: switch to

    tab 1 - Alt 2: switch to tab 2 - ... - Alt 9: switch to last tab (regardless of its number) (Chrome, Firefox, sadly not Safari) (On OSX, it’s Apple num instead of Alt)
  7. Shell - Control r: find and run command in history

    - Control c: cancel the current line, start fresh - Control w: delete word backward - Control y: “yank” (paste “clipboard”)
  8. How to remember them - Associate with action verbs and

    object nouns - Similar patterns everywhere - Force yourself to use them - Create a cheatsheets repo on GitHub (example: https://github.com/janosgyerik/cheatsheets)