Digital Fluency and User Experience

878d748403126c4fc92e87e30c4764d0?s=47 J Cornelius
September 25, 2014

Digital Fluency and User Experience

People have explored the globe since the beginning of history, and have encountered new languages and methods of communication. The Web has done great things to bring us together across languages and cultures, but that doesn't mean we all understand things the same way, even if we are speaking the same language. The digital landscape has much to be explored.

In this talk we'll look at the idea of digital fluency and how different levels of understanding can impact experience in ways we might not have considered before. We'll look at some of the psychology behind how fluency influences judgement and perception, and how we can approach experience design to build meaningful connections with the people who use our creations.


J Cornelius

September 25, 2014