Human-Centered Product Design

878d748403126c4fc92e87e30c4764d0?s=47 J Cornelius
June 10, 2019

Human-Centered Product Design

Presented at Techsylvania in Cluj-Napoca, Romania // June 10th, 2019

You have to build things with limited time and a limited budget. How do you make the most of both? Not only that, how do you get confidence and clarity in what you’re going to build and how you’re going to build it? Whether you’re a startup founder or the head of a corporate product team, you need the right strategies and tools to give your team the best chances of building products and services that give you a competitive advantage.

This presentation is practical guide to building digital products people love in the buyer-driven economy. It’s time companies embraced customer research, and rapid-prototyping, and built meaningful value propositions based on real customer needs and wants. We’ll look at the 5 Phases of product design and lay out a playbook for success in the new age.

Key Takeaways

1/ Product design is not a linear process, rather it involves tight collaboration and fluid switching between diverse skill sets.

2/ Customer research is an art, and applying some simple methodologies can help create a clear vision of customer needs.

3/ Successful businesses make research and prototyping an integral part of their culture, using research and data to drive critical product and business decisions.


J Cornelius

June 10, 2019