Deep into the IoT trenches: how to build a connected product

Deep into the IoT trenches: how to build a connected product

Slides from my talk at Devoxx UK, Droidcon UK 2017

Don't you love making your app robust against network failures? Now imagine your app talking to a Wi-Fi connected product... Locally when your home or via a server when you’re not. You'll certainly love handling those network switches!... And what if your app doesn't just control one product, but multiple ones? Some locally, some remotely connected?... Or how about having multiple users controlling the same product at the same time?... It goes without question that building apps for connected products is incredibly challenging.

From device discovery, over minimizing network requests to out of the box setup, this talk will cover it all. Packed with code examples, architecture suggestions and tons of best practices, you'll learn five years’ worth of hard-earned experience. This won't just kick start your IoT app development skills, but it'll also teach you how to keep your app scalable and maintainable towards the future.

Starting as early as 2011, Jeroen has built an impressive range of connected products: BT LE coffee machines, Wi-Fi speakers, connected air purifiers and even full blown connectivity libraries. Currently he is the lead Android developer for the official Philips Hue app, the biggest IoT system in the world.


Jeroen Mols

May 12, 2017