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Design Critique

60aa9265b26433bdedcbc90eff799e5e?s=47 Jan Kiekeben
November 09, 2020

Design Critique

How to discuss design with critique.

This talk was given at the Digitale Leute Summit 2020 remote edition.

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Jan Kiekeben

November 09, 2020


  1. @ Digitale Leute Summit 2020 DESIGN CRITIQUE How to discuss

    design with critique
  2. 2 Hi, I’m Jan !

  3. 3

  4. 4

  5. 5 This is terrible. I have no Idea what this

    means. I would never use this. Nobody will use this. We should make it a dropdown instead of radio buttons. Looks ugly. Make it pretty. WTF… why do we even do this? Can you make it pop?! The logo needs to be bigger Change the order of the buttons so the 3rd and 1st one are switched I don’t like the green. We should be more blue? No, that won’t work. What if we do it my way… It should be more like Apple You can’t use an Android pattern in an iOS App. Users will never be able to get it. I would have used a FAB. It’s just cooler than this here…
  6. 6 Critique is a skill. You only get better with

    practice. – Adam Connor
  7. 7 Types of feedback „Good lord, that’s awful.“ „Oh yea,

    that’s nice. I really like it.“ „If this is our objective… then it makes sense to revisit…“ „I would have used a slider.“ „Can you move the button to the right?“ Reactive Feedback Critique Directive Feedback
  8. 8 Design Critique Design Review

  9. 9 " Analyzing Problem solving # How do we think

    about design? Desktop 1 2 3 4
  10. 10 What is the objective? What elements of the design

    are related to the objective? Are those elements e ective in achieving the objective? Why? Why not?
  11. How does it work 11

  12. 12 Critique setup • 30 min • one topic •

    facilitated discussion • weekly rotation Facilitator Presenter Critic Critic Critic
  13. 16 Critique agenda (30min) brie ng (pre-shared) presentation critique discussion

    wrap-up ~ 2 min. ~ 5 min. ~ 20 min. ~ 3 min.
  14. Lessons Learned 17

  15. 18 When to do Critique? Design Critique

  16. 19 How to prepare a design critique? [title] Status: [early/mid/late]

    work Product objectives: [what do we want to achieve?] User needs/scenarios: [which user problem to be solved?] Feedback: [specific focus for feedback] Attachment: Artwork to be discussed
  17. 19 How to prepare a design critique? Checkout Page Status:

    early work Product objectives: improve conversion rate on checkout User needs: check basket, payment & shipping details before purchase Feedback: information architecture and wording Attachment: Artwork to be discussed
  18. 20 Rules of critique • It’s not a „design by

    committee“ event. • Avoid making decisions. • The designer is responsible for decisions and follow up.
  19. Master Critique 21

  20. 22 Improve as a designer • Be 100% aware of

    your design objectives. • Stop defending & start critiquing. • Focus on understanding feedback.
  21. 23 Professional as a critic • Don’t assume – ask.

    • Argue your feedback towards objectives. • Talk about strength.
  22. 24 Becoming a good facilitator • Look out for reactive

    or directive feedback. • Moderate from solution space to problem analysis. • Watch out for domination or falling behind. • Take notes openly.
  23. How to implement in your organization? 25

  24. 26 The secret to getting ahead is getting started –

    Marc Twain
  25. 27 Thanks $ @jjchieferson @jjchieferson