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Personalization + Hospitable Design

Personalization + Hospitable Design

Web experience personalization can go a long way toward kinder, inclusive and more hospitable design — or it can go the other way, making our institutions feel overly salesy. But how does personalization work? What does it mean? And do our prospects even use our institutional website like they use Amazon? The better we understand what sorts of personalization are valuable to our goals, the better choices we can make in vendors, tools and strategic planning. In this session, we’ll look at what types of personalization are effective for retaining and converting website visitors. You’ll leave with the confidence to clarify departmental mandates, center conversations on valuable personalization and choose better industry partners.

Joel G Goodman

October 31, 2022

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  1. I want to respectfully acknowledge the Osage and Quapaw People,

    who have stewarded this land throughout the generations.
  2. When it comes to personalization, there is no silver bullet.

    There is no “one size fits all.” #HEWeb22
  3. “All designed interactions have consequences, whether it's someone getting stuck

    buying a train ticket from a kiosk, or hidden menus inside of web applications. The consequences might be unintended but they cost time and money and erode trust in our platforms. We need to uncover how a product can cause harm and fix it.” Ron Bronson ↖︎
  4. “Consequence Design asks us how we can improve everyday experiences

    for people using our tools, systems & services. It interrogates the ways interfaces and technology proliferate daily life.” Ron Bronson ↖︎
  5. Consequence Design helps us notice the anti-patterns we encounter every

 Hospitable Design is a framework for doing something about it. #HEWeb22
  6. › Welcoming, friendly, and courteous › Knowledgeable › Efficient ›

    Well-timed › Flexible › Consistent › Communicates effectively › Instills trust › Exceeds expectations Principles 
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