Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps

The web has one major benefit over native mobile apps, reach. It's the famous goal of Java ("Write once run everywhere"), come to fruition that works securely over various form factors.

The web has become the platform with the widest reach and the least amount of friction for users to start. Progressive Web Apps are the logical next step this ever-evolving web that allows us as developers to build apps that act/feel and compare to native apps.

This talk will focus on:

• How the web started, the history

• The state of the web today

• What PWA's are and why they are the next logical step

• Examples of well built real-world apps and stats

• The various benefits and how big companies are pushing this forward

• Simple steps to start exploring building your own


Talk by Roxanne Davids and Johann du Toit


Johann du Toit

October 04, 2017