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Moving Forward with a Mature Platform - WCTRN

Moving Forward with a Mature Platform - WCTRN

My talk from WordCamp Torino 2016.

WordPress is over twelve years old now. How does the software and the project as a whole continue to move forward, maintain relevance, push boundaries, and assert influence when it has to compete with much leaner, cooler, and more modern alternatives?

Video: https://wordpress.tv/2016/04/15/john-blackbourn-moving-forward-with-a-mature-platform/

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John Blackbourn

April 02, 2016


  1. Moving Forward with a Mature Platform John Blackbourn @johnbillion

  2. Since 1995 Since 2003

  3. Well Established Proven Stable

  4. Old Bloated Boring A pile of…

  5. Responsive Images via srcset

  6. Usage of srcset since WordPress 4.4 Usage in Google Chrome.

    Data from Google, March 2016.
  7. Responsive Images REST API HTTPS HTTP/2

  8. What is WordPress? “WordPress is web software you can use

    to create a beautiful website, blog, or app.” wordpress.org
  9. What is WordPress’ Mission? “To democratize publishing through Open Source,

    GPL software.” wordpressfoundation.org
  10. Localisation

  11. wptranslationday.org April 24th 2016

  12. Local WordCamps

  13. Localised WordPress.org

  14. None
  15. Accessibility

  16. Accessibility All new or updated code released into WordPress core

    and bundled themes must conform with WCAG at level AA.
  17. Developer Relations

  18. “The reason Drupal has been successful is because we always

    made big, forward-looking changes.” Dries Buytaert Why the big architectural changes in Drupal 8?
  19. Developer Relations

  20. WordPress core code maintains compatibility with a version of PHP

    that’s 9 years old because it’s still in use on 5% of all WordPress sites
  21. Developer Relations

  22. Developer Contribution Process

  23. Feature Plugins Projects “Most will start as ideas that need

    exploration to be more fully formed or fleshed out before implementation.” make.wordpress.org/core
  24. None
  25. Project Direction

  26. What is WordPress? “WordPress is web software you can use

    to create a beautiful website, blog, or app.” wordpress.org
  27. Jack of all trades, master of none? What is WordPress?

  28. None
  29. Project Direction REST API or WP-ADMIN API?

  30. Project Direction We need a plan, and it needs input

    and leadership
  31. The Open Internet

  32. None
  33. Questions and Discussion John Blackbourn @johnbillion