Designing (with) Tools — the work of Local Projects

E4baf569e4cbf054d847d094da36e1d1?s=47 John Ryan
September 17, 2015

Designing (with) Tools — the work of Local Projects

A talk I gave on Local Projects' work for the New York Chapter of the IxDA, on Sept 17 2015.

"As designers, we find ourselves working with increasingly new technologies and data sources — Virtual Reality, quantified-self, RFID, internet of things, interactive architecture, and more. Technological trends change so rapidly: how can we use them in meaningful and enduring ways? This question drives Local Projects, an award-winning experience design and strategy firm. Our work for museums, brands and public spaces invites visitors to… browse an entire art museum with just a facial expression… explore the invisible conversations taking place between smart home devices… become a designer with a digitally-augmented pen… and explore biometric data captured during a museum visit. In this talk John illustrates how our core design principles borrow from the ancient practice of tool-making, with examples from a number of these key innovative projects."

Video here:


John Ryan

September 17, 2015